This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 28, 2014

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

    It was a good week for sports shenanigans. 

    Welcome back to another edition of all things wrong with the sports world. And by wrong, we of course mean so horrible it's downright entertaining. 

    We have Nick Young celebrating futility and Bill Belichick giving reporters around the world chills. If they are struggling to find a haunting villain for the new Star Wars movies, they might want to look to the Patriots coach. 

    Now, if we missed any fumbling, bumbling or other egregious hilarity, please remedy that in the section below. Otherwise, sit back and practice shaking your head in shame. 

Practice Safe Couching

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    Photo Credit: Twitter

    Friday may prove to be a horrible day for couches in the Louisville area—at least that's what the think tank at University of Louisville on-campus housing department seems to think. 

    The office decided to pass around fliers with the above message to students, seen here thanks to a tweet from Lost Letterman

    Fortunately, those students now have a horrible idea floating around their heads as well as some paper kindling in their hands. 

What Is I Have No Clue, Alex?

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    It was a bad week for the sports world on Jeopardy

    The posted video features an NHL answer most would follow with, "Who is Wayne Gretzky?" 

    As The Big Lead's Ty Duffy spotted, this wasn't the only sports fail on the show this week. Another three contestants nearly whiffed on some college football clues, even failing to recognize Michigan's iconic football helmet. 

    Oh no, indeed. 

Bill Belichick Ain't Got Time for Your Gronk Question

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    CBS Sports uploaded this video of Patriots coach Bill Belichick fielding questions from reporters. Instead of answering them, he bats them away like a safety swatting a pass out of the air. 

    The reporter just wants some information on Rob Gronkowski and how he is healing. Belichick gives the kind of answer that should make beat writers shudder: "Did you seriously ask me that question?"

    Classic Hoodie. 

Swaggy P Delivers

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    Your 2013-2014 Los Angeles Lakers, everybody. 

    Bleacher Report's Dan Favale spotted one of the more hilarious moments from the Lakers' 127-96 win over the Knicks on Tuesday. It also happens to be one of the most ridiculous moments from an altogether lackluster season. 

    Nick Young, who dropped 20 points in the blowout win, celebrates a bucket that never was. I say give him the points for his performance. 

Kobe Bryant: College Basketball Phenom

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    Kobe Bryant is a college player and Julius Randle stars for the Wildcards, or so says a group of people who have trouble naming a single college basketball player. 

    Jimmy Kimmel (h/t SportsGrid) was back to shaming people on the street, asking them to name just one basketball player from the college ranks.

    The results are predictably hilarious.  

College Can Be a Breeze

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    Photo Credit: Bryan Armen Graham Twitter

    Sports Illustrated's Bryan A. Graham tweeted out this image earlier in the week with a caption that reads, "Whistleblower says UNC put athletes in classes that never met and required only one final paper. This one got an A-."

    The story is covered in an ESPN segment, a video subsequently covered by Bleacher Report's Brian Leigh. Leigh explains: 

    As explained in the ESPN segment, North Carolina football players were allegedly put into "paper classes" in the African-American Studies department that didn't require regular attendance and gave a passing grade to anyone with a functional third-grade reading level.

    As noted, the paper in question comes from a case started five years ago. Still, the allegations that this paper indeed warranted an "A-" is astonishing to say the least. 


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    Photo Credit: Brett Spivack Twitter

    Brett Spivack, a senior at The Ohio State University per Twitter, tweeted this glorious image to ESPN's Darren Rovell. 

    Spivack claims this is a "Jersey being sold at a Foot Locker on Ohio State's campus," which should make all fans without Buckeyes allegiance quite happy. 

    To be fair, "Ohio" is spelled correctly, just, you know, backwards.