When San Marino Score, It's a National Holiday

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVMarch 28, 2014

Finland's Veli Lampi, right, competes for the ball with San Marino's Manuel Marani during the Euro 2012 Group E soccer match between San Marino and Finland, in Serravalle, San Marino, Friday, June 3, 2011. (AP Photo/Marco Vasini)
Marco Vasini/Associated Press

Score a goal, get the day off. No, really. 

Life as a football fan in San Marino may not be the best, as their national team is currently dead last in FIFA's rankings alongside Bhutan and Turks and Caicos Islands. 


But it's not all bad, after all. Whenever the side scores—and they don't score often—it's a national holiday in San Marino. 


We suppose that when a team often doesn't score for five years, it's a worthy cause for celebration.