Dos Caras Jr. Signs With the WWE

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

Well, it finally happened. Dos Caras Jr. has signed with the WWE. There was a lot of speculation late last year and early this year that he had signed and was going to debut at the Royal Rumble.

Sadly, the negotiations fell through. But now, he has officially signed with the company. He will be reporting to FCW in Tampa, Fla., on June 21 to join the WWE ranks.

Johnny Ace was the person responsible for this transfer to occur, and Dos Caras is more than happy to move forward.

From what is understood, he will be brought up as a Face to Raw per what WWE has informed him. As we all know, that can change very quickly.

It will be interesting how they bring him in. It will all depend on how the Rey Mysterio-Chris Jericho angle continues with the mask issue. Plus, Dos Caras is already 32 years old. He has had experience in MMA over his career and is a great wrestler.

He is not your usual Luchador, he is tall and strong. I personally would love to see Mistico in the WWE, as he is not happy at CMLL and is looking to start negotiations again with WWE.

For now, its Dos Caras Jr. In the future, with Rey Mysterio getting older, Mistico would be the perfect solution for the gap he might leave.

Mistico is the best high flyer in Mexico of the last few years. Dos Caras Jr .is a strong wrestler who can be a credible world champion. 

The future of Mexican wrestlers in WWE should be bright.