Rowing World Cup 2014: Daily Results, Updated Event Schedule and More

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Rowing World Cup 2014: Daily Results, Updated Event Schedule and More
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Friday saw the start of the first round of the 2014 Rowing World Cup as part of this week's Sydney International Rowing Regatta at Penrith. More than 200 competitors have travelled to Australia for the first of three total regattas.

Sydney is hosting the World Cup for the second year in a row, and with a chance to gain some valuable points on home soil before the competition resumes in Europe, many of the top competitors from Australia and New Zealand have descended on the 2000 Olympic regatta course.

Sunday results, recap

Once again the Australian's were dominant in Sunday's finals. Of the 13 races to take place, six were won by the hosts to send the crowd into rapture.

Sally Kehoe and Olumpia Aldersey set the pace in the Women's double sculls final and were holding the lead at halfway, with a settled 35 stroke rate.

Reigning world champions, Lithuania's Donata Vistartaite and Milda Valciukaite, gave themselves too much to do in the latter stages and whilst a quick burst took them second, they were never going to catch Kehoe and Aldersey.

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Building on his excellent performance on Friday, Australia's Nicholas Purnell led the way in the men's sculls final, moving quickly away from the field. 

However, his over-exuberance saw him tire badly towards the end of the race and a last place finish would not be what he would've envisaged at the start of the race.

Instead, Dirk Uittenbogaard of the Netherlands took up the pace and could not be caught, Australia's Rhys Grant following him home in a distant second.

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The mens eight final was an epic encounter. Australia1 got off to the best start, and by 500m were a quarter of a length up on the Netherlands.

New Zealand came with a late sprint to take themselves past Australia2 and with the line approaching they were gaining on the Netherlands with every stroke.

With 200 meters left, Australia1 could afford to ease themselves home, with the Dutch managing to keep the New Zealanders at bay.

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Rowing World Cup - Sunday's Results
Race Class Description Winning Boat
507 LM1x Final A CHN
508 LW1x Final A CHN1
509 M4x Final A AUS1
510 W4x Final A AUS
511 M2- Final A NED1
512 W2- Final A NZL
513 M4- Final A AUS1
514 LM2x Final A GRE
515 LW2x Final A AUS2
516 M2x Final A LTU
517 W2x Final A AUS1
518 M1x Final A NED1
519 W1x Final A NZL
520 M8+ Final A AUS1

Friday results, recap

As was expected, the hosting Australians put together an excellent first day of competition with multiple teams dominating their races on the way to Sunday's finals.

Angus Moore, Alexander Hill, Spencer Turrin and Alexander Lloyd surprised everyone by winning the opening race in the coxless four, defeating the reigning world champion Dutch boat in the process.

The inexperienced but highly talented Australian crew took an early lead, forcing the Dutch boat (with Vincent van der Want stepping in as a substitute) to play catch-up for the entire race. The world champions came close, but the Australians were able to hold on to send the home crowd into a frenzy.

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In the men's pair, Dutch favourites Rogier Blink and Mitchell Steenman did what they had to do, easily handling the field of crews to book their place in Sunday's finals.

A valiant effort from New Zealand's Thomas Murray and Alex Kennedy kept things exciting, but the youngsters lacked the power to overtake the 2013 bronze medalists.

The team's women's pair did better, however, with favourites Rebecca Scown and Louise Trappitt easily dominating heat one to secure a spot in the middle lanes on Sunday.

The women's double scull saw one of the strongest fields with several of last year's medallists present, but the team of Olympia Aldersey and Sally Kehoe won it for the hosts, holding off the heavily favoured Lithuanian crew.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Australia also performed well in the single sculls with Nicholas Purnell recording the fastest qualifying time and reigning Olympic champion Kim Crow dominating her race from start to finish.

In the men's eight, the top crews of Australia and Holland finally went head-to-head, giving spectators a marvelous show to end the first day of qualifiers. Though the hosts grabbed the early lead and pushed the tempo, Holland were able to beat the Aussie crew with a big final push in the sprint.

Rowing World Cup - Friday results
Race Class Description Winning Boat
378 M2- X NED1
379 W2- H1 NZL
380 W2- H2 CAN1
381 LM1x H1 CHN
382 LM1x H2 AUS1
383 LW1x H1 CHN1
384 LW1x H2 CHN3
386 M4- X AUS1
387 M2x X AUS1
388 W2x H1 AUS1
389 W2x H2 GER2
390 LW2x X AUS1
391 M1x H1 NED1
392 M1x H2 AUS1
393 W1x H1 NZL
394 W1x H2 AUS
395 LM2x H1 GRE
396 LM2x H2 CHN2
417 M4x X AUS1
418 W4x X AUS
419 M8+ X NED

Rowing World Cup - Saturday races
Race Class Description
460 LM1x R
461 LW1x R1
462 LW1x R2
463 W2- R1
464 W2- R2
465 W2x R
466 M1x R
467 W1x R
468 LM2x R

Listings of further positions and times can be found at

Competition will resume on Saturday with the remaining teams racing for a spot and a favourable lane in Sunday's finals.

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