WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of March 24

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 28, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Daniel Bryan inspired a collaboration of video artists, and The Wyatt Family inspired a rap song in the week's best WWE social media.

The most entertaining tweets, viral videos and Instagram photos made light of Batista's wardrobe malfunction, Randy Orton's affection for baby oil and Brock Lesnar's surprising similarity to Ron Burgundy. Celebrating The New Age Outlaws' new look and WWE's greatest feats of strength was on the docket as well.

We begin with meme makers mocking Batista.

"The Animal" split his skinny jeans on Monday's Raw. Wrestling Memes was quick to add a caption to the image of his torn pants.

It's a lesson that one should wear more comfortable pants when spearing people. The New Age Outlaws wore suits on Monday's Raw but didn't compete in them.

The former tag team champs who are now set to team with Kane against The Shield at WrestleMania, where they will likely don tights not suits. 

WWE's Instagram page showed them off, now looking like characters out of GoodfellasRoad Dogg and Billy Gunn have apparently morphed into corporate goons.

Photo from Instagram

Fans may have gotten used to it by now, but there is something unnerving about Kane without his mask and having now traded his black and red tights for an executive uniform. 

The WWE and its Superstars are evolving, though, so it's best not to get used to any one thing. A new change that appears to be coming to the sports-entertainment giant is that baby oil will now be banned. Sean Fewster of Herald Sun broke word of the shift.

He writes that the Performance Center featured a "decree banning the use of baby oil at events."

That has led to Orton/baby oil jokes aplenty. "The Viper" has a reputation for slathering himself up before matches.

Twitter user @HeelPebbles imagined Orton's reaction to the rumored new rule.

The reported reason for moving away from applying baby oil is that it looks bad on HDTV. It presumably makes opponents slippery as well, making it harder to deliver power moves.

Their foes greased up or not, John Cena, Cesaro and Lex Luger managed to lift huge men in various showcases of great strength. WWE highlighted 10 of those moments, including some from WCW and as far back as WrestleMania III.

Cena's hoisting both Big Show and Edge onto his shoulders is strangely missing from this list.

Big Show does appear at the No. 1 spot thanks to Lesnar and an imploding ring. A man with a reputation for being one of WWE's finest athletes ever is starting to become famous for delivering his lines strangely.

When he called out The Undertaker recently, he sounded a bit like he was hitting puberty and a bit like he was making his statement a question for no reason.

That led Kaybabe News to make the connection to Burgundy, the lead character from Anchorman who gets fired for reading something non-PG off the teleprompter.

Barrett is a far more eloquent speaker than Lesnar. He's doing such a good job taking verbal jabs at fans from his podium that WWE hasn't let him do anything else.

WWE shared a great shot of him before Main Event on Instagram.

Photo from Instagram

Take off the Instagram filter and you have yourself a fine poster. Hopefully, the next photo WWE takes of Barrett is of him competing in the ring.

Before he was made the official bearer of bad news, he was battling Bryan in a steel cage. Not surprisingly, it was one of Barrett's best matches.

That's what happens to most Superstars who lock horns with Bryan. His ring work and energy inspired two YouTube stars to work together and make him a tribute.

Dalyxman is known for creating great mashups of entrance themes. Delbusto creates stellar video edits of WWE action. The two joined forces to create the following Bryan video mix.

The energy of the music is slow at first, but it builds later on. It's worth a view for even those fans who aren't especially high on the man many think will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX.

The Wyatt Family, who briefly claimed Bryan as a member, inspired art as well.

Rapper Consequence took The Wyatt Family's entrance music and made several references to the bearded crew in a song called, "Follow the Buzzards."

This offering is not on Nas' level, but it sure beats "Macho Man" Randy Savage's attempt at rap.