Daily Talking Point: Should Jack Wilshere Leave Arsenal to Fulfil Potential?

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Daily Talking Point: Should Jack Wilshere Leave Arsenal to Fulfil Potential?
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Former Arsenal player Stewart Robson insists Jack Wilshere should leave the Emirates Stadium to fulfil his potential, as Paul Gorst of the Daily Mirror reported.

Robson claims that the England international, who is currently sidelined with a foot injury, "lacks discipline" and needs a change of club to further his career.

The former Gunners star also believes Arsene Wenger must take some of the blame and Wilshere needs another manager to become a "world-class player" in an interview with TalkSport.

Robson is quoted as saying:

(Wilshere) lacks discipline. He wants to get on the ball and charge into tackles, there seems to be no discipline. Who does that come from? The manager. Wenger has to make sure he has a role in the side where he knows what to do when he does and doesn't have the ball.

He can be petulant at times, but why is he petulant? Because the manager (is the same) on the sidelines and it's never been sorted out. If Jack gets the right manager in charge of him, and the right sort of coaching, he will become a world-class player. Arsene Wenger in my view is not that manager.

Like many players that have gone on to become top players, sometimes you have to move on. Jack Wilshere will at some point have to move away from Arsenal.

So should Wilshere leave Arsenal to further his career?


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Well, this is silly. Wilshere is not even in the Arsenal first team with everyone fit, so I suggest Jack maybe focuses on improving his game to a leve...
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Whoever you quoted is a very foolish person. What better coach is alive in the world that gets more out of young players than Wenger? Also his reasoni...
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The question is, should Arsenal ditch Wilshere? It's easy to pick on Wenger here but credit to him, he has a record of encouraging talent. As for Wils...
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He is so overrated and injury prone so I think they should and that Barkley> Wilshire present and future Liverpool fan by the way. Coutinho is ...
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Well that was the last match of his career. Perhaps one of the most important one also but he couldn't have just let the guy abuse his sister man. Plu...
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