Manchester United: Loss at Chelsea Only a Minor Setback

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IApril 27, 2008

Many times in the past people have written off Man United and lived to be proven wrong.

So yes, United lose in the silliest of ways at The Bridge, on a penalty of all things. That's football. Sometimes luck is with you and sometimes it isn't.

But the 2-1 loss doesn't categorically mean the title race is over yet. There are still two more games to go: West Ham at home and Wigan away.

I am not saying these are foregone conclusions, because anything can happen.

Chelsea won't have that easy a time away at Newcastle, either. The Toons seem to have found some form at last, so expect another close game.

This title race was always destined to go to the wire. Alex Ferguson got that right half way through the season.

But most thought it would be North London, not West, who would be closest this season. Not really sure why most thought that. We all know Arsenal lose their grip near the end, so nothing has changed there.

Chelsea, on the other hand, have been steadily gaining points, staying in the hunt for the Premiership Crown. The next couple of games will see their opponents decide who shall be the new champions for 2007/8.

So it could be Newcastle, Bolton, West Ham and Wigan who yet decide who gets the trophy. None of these clubs are just going to roll over and let the other win that easily.