10 Ways Manchester Utd Fans Can Protest Against David Moyes

Ryan Bailey@ryanjaybaileyFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2014

10 Ways Manchester Utd Fans Can Protest Against David Moyes

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    When Sir Alex Ferguson departed Old Trafford for the final time as Manchester United boss, he asked one thing of the fans: Stand by the new manager

    However, after their 10th league loss of the season and countless turgid displays, the patience of the Red Devils' faithful has finally started to wear thin.

    According to many sources, including The Independent, fans have clubbed together to raise nearly £1,000 to pay for a fly-over protest during Saturday's home game with Aston Villa

    If the sight of a small plane pulling an inflammatory banner isn't enough to oust the Scot, here are 10 other ways that United fans can protest against their luckless manager... 

Make a "HE IS NOT..." Banner

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    Much has been made of the fact that the Old Trafford "Chosen One" banner had to be guarded by stewards after the Manchester derby out of fear of fans ripping it down. 

    If removing the banner is not an option, why not make some extra ones to place beside it? Perhaps one reading "HE IS NOT" could be put directly to the left of it.

    And, if they wish to channel Monty Python, they could add "HE'S A VERY NAUGHTY BOY" to the right of it. 

Have Someone Parachute onto the Pitch

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    Remember when that chap dropped in on Evander Holyfield's big title fight? If fans are already going to the trouble of hiring a plane to display a message, why not put a parachutist in it too? During Saturday's game, he could descend onto the field with #MoyesOut written across his chute.

    If anything, it would give United an extra man to fill the gaping holes in their attacking shape. 

Borrow the Blackburn Chicken

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    Whether it's a dog, an owl or a pine marten, everybody loves a pitch-invading animal. 

    Blackburn seem to have an abundance chickens that they have used to protest against their Indian poultry magnate owners, so perhaps they could lend one or two of them to the Red Devils?

    It could act as a subtle comment on the unadventurous non-attacking brand of football Moyes has brought with him to his new role. 

Wear Jurgen Klopp Masks

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    During Cristiano Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or campaign, thousands at the Bernabeu agreed to wear masks of the Portuguese star's face during a particular game.

    Maybe United fans could use the same premise, but giving support to a manager they would rather see in the dugout. Imagine thousands of fans wearing masks with this Jurgen Klopp facial expression. Terrifying.   

Boo for a Designated Minute of a Game

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    Aston Villa would clap in the 19th minute of each game to show their support of Stiliyan Petrov.

    Using this classy concept for completely negative purposes, perhaps United could pick a particular minute of a game in which to uniformly boo David Moyes. Maybe they should pick the 38th minute to convey the total number of league games they will tolerate Moyes in charge of the team.

Play with Their IPhones Instead of Watching the Game

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    Over the years, plenty of fans have protested against their clubs by turning their backs on play. The 21st-century equivalent of this would be to completely ignore the game by watching something on their phones instead.

    It would seem as if the entire stadium was filled with sulky teenagers. 

    Fans could watch a bit of Jeff Stelling instead, or if they really want to tune out what is happening on the field, they could fire up Netflix and marathon a few episodes of The Office—the leadership at United would seem less farcical by comparison.   

Write Autobiographies About Him

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    In 2004, Wayne Rooney's autobiography contained claims that David Moyes had forced the striker out of Everton and leaked the details of the move to the press. The manager promptly sued Rooney for libel in a matter that was settled out of court

    Is it any wonder Rooney wanted to leave the club last summer?

    As a form of protest, fans could all write autobiographies featuring excerpts about Moyes' debut season*. He'd be so busy combing through them all searching for potential lawsuits that he would have to abandon his managerial duties.

    *Disclaimer: Bleacher Report is not actually suggesting that folks should libel David Moyes. That would be pretty illegal. 

Force Him to Share a Car to Work with Rio Ferdinand

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    In recent weeks, Rio Ferdinand has shown little regard for road safety or his Instagram followers' ear drums by posting videos of himself singing along to various "old school" songs on his way to Carrington.

    If United fans can somehow devise a way to force Moyes into riding to work with the defender every day, he'll hand in his letter of resignation after the first Craig David medley.  

Go and Support FC United of Manchester Instead

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    The following statement is true of any disgruntled football fan: If you don't like what your club is doing, don't go and watch them. Hit them where it hurts and withdraw any kind of financial support. 

    FC United of Manchester is a fan-run club set up in the mould of AFC Wimbledon in 2005 by principled Red Devils supporters who disagreed with the Glazer takeover.

    If fans want to bypass the tribulations of supporting a huge global behemoth that views fans as customers, they should go and follow FCUM, a side whose fans have all the say. 

Grin and Bear It

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    The alternative to flying planes above Old Trafford or organising symbolic protests that will ultimately have little effect is to simply grin and bear it. A bit like David Moyes himself is doing during games right now. 

    Manchester United fans have had the luxury of following a side that has taken success for granted for decades. Now, they are seeing the kind of dip in form that the vast majority of fans see regularly. 

    Savour the feeling of not being the greatest for a little while and watch as the glory hunters peel away!

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