Take a Peek at the iPhone Home Screen of Pistons Point Guard Brandon Jennings

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffMarch 27, 2014

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Which apps do Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings use frequently enough to earn a spot on the home page of his iPhone? You can see them below.

via Apple

Among the mix is Jennings' personal app, #BRANDed, which showcases the point guard's off-court interests, from music to fashion to lifestyle. Jennings had the following to say about it:

I wanted to develop something that was unique and shows my off-court interests. Between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it's not always easy to keep up with people's tastes and interests so I wanted to carve out my own space to connect with fans... #BRANDed is my stamp of approval.

Also, Brandon: You've got some emails and missed calls you should check out.