Projecting Best Way to Book The Shield Members When They Split

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2014


It may not be set to happen imminently, but a split in The Shield is sure to happen over the next few months.

After their babyface turn breathed new life into their reign as the top stable in the WWE, it has raised questions about how the split will occur.

Now all three members are effectively good guys, someone will have to turn heel in order to create a split. That man could be Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose in all fairness.

However, there are clearly some members of the group who are best equipped to be a heel when The Shield splits. Similarly, there are members of the group who could be adaptable as a babyface. But what are the best ways to book The Shield when all three become singles competitors?


Roman Reigns

We may as well start with Reigns, as he is perhaps the easiest of all three members of The Shield to map out a future for.

The group have turned babyface to help boost Reigns, of that we can be sure. Reigns is set for a big future as a top babyface in the company, and he will be the best equipped of the three men to be a face.

In terms of how to book Reigns, it would be wise to use a similar approach to most big guys who are operating as faces. Have him squash people on a regular basis.

Granted, that is not very good for the guys who are getting beaten, but Reigns would benefit from it greatly. He has won over the fans, and seems to have a good connection with them. Creative would be smart to build a character around his devastating maneuvers, including the spear and that Superman punch.

It would be smart for the WWE to play it cautiously with Reigns, too. We have seen cases of guys being thrown in at the deep end all too often. If they are serious about Reigns being a top star, playing it carefully is the right method.


Dean Ambrose

Like Reigns, it is pretty clear what kind of character best suits Ambrose when he becomes a singles competitor once again.

Ambrose is best used as a heel, and it would be safe to bet he could be the guy who turns on The Shield and exacts a split. Ambrose has an archetypal heel quality in that he can generate massive heat on himself and those around him.

Building him up as a heel that has a tendency to fly off the handle would be perfect for Dean Ambrose. You could have him taking his aggression out on anyone that crosses his path.

Whether he teams up with Rollins or not is up for debate. There are arguments for Rollins to be heel or babyface, unlike Ambrose. There is little doubt that having Ambrose as a bad guy is a perfect fit for him.

He has almost been the quiet man of The Shield in and amongst the hype of Reigns and Rollins. When he goes solo, you should expect that to change very quickly.


Seth Rollins

Rollins is the real enigma when it comes to predicting the future of The Shield as singles competitors.

Whilst Reigns is destined to be a babyface, and Ambrose is destined to be a heel, there is a genuine possibility Reigns could go either way.

Personally, Rollins would be best booked as a babyface. There is one main reason for that, and that is because he is an entertainer.

Of late, Rollins has been coming to the fore as the most exciting man in The Shield. Whilst Reigns can raise a cheer with that demonic spear, Rollins consistently makes the crowd jump with his daring set of moves.

It would be a bit of a waste to see a guy like Rollins go back to being a heel. He looks like he enjoys pleasing the crowd, and they certainly enjoy him. A fruitful relationship between both will no doubt increase over the next few months. Destroying it by turning him heel would be a disaster.

Guys like Rey Mysterio, who made the modern high-flying approach what it is, are becoming obsolete in the WWE. Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and other such guys have no future at the top end of the card, so there is a genuine opening for Rollins.

Let's just hope the WWE does not waste it.