15 Awesome Athletes Who Totally Made Little Kids' Lives Better

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15 Awesome Athletes Who Totally Made Little Kids' Lives Better
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It's true that the average kid has no clue how good they "have it" until their youth is shrinking in the rearview mirror and a mustache is aggressively auditioning to take its formerly undervalued place.

But our lingering, bill-paying bitterness shouldn't get in the way of those moments when everything is right in a kid's life—whether the reason is a delicious pile of s'mores by a campfire or getting a high-five from their favorite athlete.

One of the benefits of being a grown-up is that most of us know how to separate true grievances from those circumstances that just exist...because they exist.

So, LeBron James blew past your outstretched, dap-starved fist on the way to the locker room? No big deal. He's got more important things on his mind. Hopefully you just didn't look like an idiot.

For a kid, those types of events can be transformative; for the bad and the good.

When an athlete manages to put a smile on a kid's face, regardless of whether the moment is spontaneous or planned, it makes them better people and the world just a little less hospitable for jerks.

These are 15 awesome athletes who totally made a little kid's life better. 

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