Just Gotta Get This Off My Chest!

Bret ArmstrongAnalyst IJune 16, 2009

ALAMEDA, CA - MAY 08:  Michael Huff #24 of the Oakland Raiders takes a break during the Raiders minicamp at the team's permanent training facility on May 8, 2009 in Alameda, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Oakland fans, listen and listen good. No more of this pussy-footing around. This is the realest article you will ever read. Just some points of interest, and unrest.

Put this to rest---JaMarcus Russell is the starting quarterback. No more of this Jeff Garcia nonsense. It's bogus. The only way Jeff should start a game is if JMR is hurt. The guy is 39 and he just had a baby. It's time for him to go and have his family now. I'm glad he is there for insurance, but all this quarterback controversy stuff is dumb. Let it go!

Point No. 2. Frantz Joseph should be our starter at middle linebacker this year. Don't get me wrong. I love Kirk Morrison. I love what he has done for the team, his attitude and his skill set. Bottom line, Joseph will be able to clog the run, Morrison and Howard are better in coverage and have great sideline to sideline speed. I vote for Howard at WSLB, Morrison at SSLB and rookie pro-bowler Frantz Joseph at MLB.

Number three---Don't quit on Michael Huff. I am wearing his jersey right now. Have some faith in the kid. Maybe he's had some bad times in Oakland, but I feel a breakout year coming on for him.

Even if he doesn't start at safety, he can still contribute on nickle coverages, and dime packages, as well as giving the starters a breather, and special teams. Maybe this is the role that was meant for him. But we'd best believe he would take a pay cut to stay in Oakland if this is the case. You can just look at the guy and tell he's a Raider. Give Huff a chance after Rob Ryan, and let's see whats up.

Peace out Raider Nation!