Memories at The Corner: Saving Tiger Stadium

Paul Goedert@paully_gContributor IApril 27, 2008

It has had many names. Bennett Park, Navin Field, Briggs Stadium, The Corner.

It has hosted World Series games, countless playoff games, world champions and some of the worst teams in history. It has seen records come and go, and then its own time. It now sits dormant and unused.

I, of course, am speaking of Tiger Stadium. With plans being resurrected to demolish the old ballpark in 2008, it's time to revisit the reasons why it should stay.

Why tear it down? In case the City of Detroit, in all their perfection, has failed to notice, their are far greater cases of blight in Corktown. Just take a drive down Trumbull and take a right on Michigan Avenue.

Instead of destroying the last true reminder of when Detroit was beautiful (and it was), why not use it to revive a decaying part of the once-great city? Start investing instead of knocking things over.

Michigan and Detroit have lost enough recently; there's no need to lose a historic building like Tiger Stadium.

As a community, let's put our heads together and make it a centerpiece for bringing Detroit back from the edge. Shopping, hotels, museums, the possibilities are endless.

Someone must stand up and do what is right. Didn't the Illitch family just open up a monstrosity of a casino a few blocks away? Its time for the city, the state, the league, and most importantly the Tigers to get it together and finally save what we all cherish at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

We all have stories and memories of being at Tiger Stadium. I remember the first game I ever went to with my Dad, the Tigers were hosting the Mariners. What a night.

It was Ken Griffey Jr.'s rookie year. I had never seen anything so big in my life, until the next game, when I met Cecil Fielder at an on-field clinic before the game.

I remember going to my first game without my Dad, just me and my best friend Matt. They played the Red Sox that day. We sat right behind a pole on the first base side.

This place is not just a building, it is part of my life. It is part of who I am.

Ever hear a story about some guy in a historic neighborhood wanting to paint his house aqua green? The neighborhood erupts in protest, people go to the city council and the historical society.

In the end, the poor guy is forced to paint the house brown to preserve the historical feel of the neighborhood.

Did you know that Tiger Stadium was declared a State of Michigan Historic site in 1975? It has been listed as a National Historical Site since 1989.

If a guy can't paint his house because its in a historic district, how can we just knock down such a huge piece of history so that some people can profit from the scrap metal?

I don't have a perfect plan for Tiger Stadium. A lot of my ire is drawn from the fact that a place that holds so many memories for me is going to be destroyed.

But nonetheless, I hold to the fact that their is a better future for The Corner than to be scrapped and recycled.

So please, if you love baseball, if you love the Tigers, and if you love Detroit, stand up and say something. Lets save Tiger Stadium.