NCAA Wrestling Championships, Sarah Stock and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 26, 2014

NCAA Wrestling Championships, Sarah Stock and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    WWE scouted the 2014 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships for the next NXT star, a title that Sarah Stock may soon earn. 

    Jim Ross provided insight into what the company was looking for from the college wrestlers in action in Oklahoma City. Stock noted that she may be close to a development deal.

    In other NXT news, an indy star is set to try out in Orlando, the BFFs added a new member and there will be a slight change regarding NXT's schedule.

    The theme of the week's news is opportunity. For a man who recently defeated Shane Helms, that is exactly what he will be looking for at the Performance Center.

Indy Wrestler to Try out at Performance Center

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    Zane Dawson will be looking to impress WWE scouts, hoping to move from CWF Mid-Atlantic to NXT.

    As reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via, "Zane Dawson will be attending this month's WWE tryouts in Orlando at the Performance Center. He was compared to Luke Harper, but not quite as big, but more agile."

    Dawson is a powerful brawler who relies on the lariat to finish foes off. He moves better than one would expect for his size.

    It won't be surprising if he earns himself a developmental deal.

BFFs Possibly Get New Member

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    Sasha Banks and Charlotte have had to carry around a cardboard cutout of Summer Rae's head to keep their trio intact. WWE is possibly set to improve that situation.

    Alexa Bliss recently teamed with The BFFs as seen in the above video. No word yet if this was just a one-time pairing of if Bliss will replace Summer on a more permanent basis.

    Bliss's profile says that she was once a cheerleader, which would help her fit in with the brazen women of the BFFs. She will join a NXT Divas division that is filled with standout prospects but has since suffered from Emma's departure.

    Joining the remaining BFFs would be a great opportunity for Bliss to leave an impression on fans quicker than she would otherwise.

Jim Ross Comments on NCAA Wrestling Championships

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    Gerald Brisco and Jim Ross both attended the 2014 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships this past weekend. Ross let fans in on the process of WWE scouting there.

    Ross wrote on his blog:

    Saw some real studs at the Nationals in OKC the past few days. Jerry Brisco has seen many of these athletes multiple times this season and has a strong group considering WWE as a career choice.

    If just half the kids that have been recruited sign, WWE will have a gifted group of big personality athletes with which to work with in their Performance Center.

    He went on to explain that Brisco has developed a strong relationship with the college ranks, something that undoubtedly will increase WWE's chancing of snagging great talent.

    Speaking about what Brisco looks for, Ross told The Oklahoman the following: 

    He's looking for guys who have that nice look, a marketable look—he doesn't have to be 6-3; he could be 5-10—and some of these guys have a little showmanship in them. They've got a little swag about them. You need extroverted athletes.

    "Swag" is a perfect word for guys like Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, who not only stood out because of their outstanding wrestling ability while amateurs but because of their magnetism. 

    It's a smart move for WWE to scour both the independent circuit and college competitions, allowing the company to recruit a variety of talents. 

Sarah Stock Believes She Is Close to WWE Deal

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    Sarah Stock, who has wrestled as Sarita and Dark Angel, may soon be joining NXT's other talented females.

    According to, Stock tried out for WWE in December. She made enough of an impression that she expects to get another tryout soon and sign a developmental deal.

    She's certainly experienced. She has wrestled in Canada, Japan, Mexico and for TNA. Stock is extremely athletic and a talented mat wrestler. One look at her dropkick should have officials ready to print up a contract. 

    WWE can bolster its Divas division by signing a woman that TNA let go. 

NXT Schedule Shift

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    Add one more reason to subscribe to the WWE Network.

    Fans used to be able to watch the newest NXT episodes Thursday nights on Hulu Plus. That has now changed. noted that "new episodes of NXT on Hulu have now been moved to Fridays."

    For the impatient among us, the WWE Network is the best option. It airs NXT one night before Hulu does.

    Not having to wait to see Sami Zayn, Bayley and Enzo Amore is reason enough to sign up for the WWE Network.