Tamina Snuka Would Make Best WWE Divas Champion of AJ Lee's Opponents

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 26, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

AJ Lee is set to face a mob of challengers of which Tamina Snuka is the most viable candidate to be the next WWE Divas champion.

Much of that 13-woman field is filler, little-used Divas getting crammed into the match. Tamina, on the other hand, is one of the better ring workers in the division. Her history with AJ makes her the logical choice should WWE decide to end AJ's reign.

It certainly feels like AJ's historic run with the title is over.

She has begun to lose in non-title action more often, including Nikki Bella pinning her on March 10 and Naomi getting the best of her on March 17. With her now entering a match where she has horrendous odds to retain, WWE is likely ready to move the belt to someone else.

As much as WWE would like to create a huge moment for Total Divas by having one of the women on that show win the championship at WrestleMania, the smarter move is to have Tamina win on April 6.

That would serve as a climax to the escalating tension between a bodyguard and the woman she guards.

Tamina Snuka protects AJ Lee from Brie Bella.
Tamina Snuka protects AJ Lee from Brie Bella.Credit: WWE.com

Natalya has had several matches with AJ. The Bella Twins and The Funkdactlys have collided with her in the ring many times as well.

It's Tamina, though, who would provide the most emotional story thanks to her relationship with the champ.

Tamina and AJ have often been compared to the pairing of Shawn Michaels and Diesel in the '90s. Like that relationship, it seemed inevitable that the bigger, stronger part of the duo would tire of the smaller braggart barking out orders.

In the last few months, flashes of tension have popped up between AJ and Tamina.

At Elimination Chamber 2014, Tamina accidentally kicked her ally in the mouth. That gaffe almost cost AJ her championship. She did manage to beat Cameron that night, but she made her frustrations with Tamina clear with a seething glare.

AJ is angry with Tamina after her match at Elimination Chamber.
AJ is angry with Tamina after her match at Elimination Chamber.Credit: WWE.com

After The Funkadactyls defeated them on the March 17 Raw, AJ's frustrations escalated.

Blaming Tamina for losing so many tag matches, AJ howled at her. The powerhouse pushed her in response.

The two have since made up, but Tamina certainly didn't look heartbroken when Vickie Guerrero announced that she would be one of AJ's many foes at WrestleMania.

The sly smile that slipped onto her face can serve as foreshadowing. She may begin the title match helping AJ to retain, but she will then take pleasure in knocking off the loudmouthed Diva herself.

After the tag team match on Tuesday's Main Event, AJ and Tamina shared another awkward moment. The champ hugged Tamina after they won, who appeared unsettled by the experience.

Taking advantage of preexisting bad blood would make Tamina's win more meaningful than going with Eva Marie, Emma or Layla, who have had little contact with AJ. It would also be far more dramatic than anyone from Total Divas winning.

Once she holds the championship, Tamina can produce going forward like few others.

Since WWE has emphasized Tamina's power, dressing her in leather and a scowl, she's been one of the more compelling women on the roster.

That look has been a perfect fit for her aggressive style. She looks the part of a badass and exudes that aura in the ring.

Most of the Divas division is occupied by performers with a few athletic moves. Tamina is more of a complete wrestler, as she showed in a match against Brie Bella last November.

She pulls from a toolbox that includes grinding submission holds, power moves and a dive from the top turnbuckle that pays tribute to her Hall of Fame father. Having the nastiest boot to the face in the division is an asset as well.

Should Brie win the title, prepare for one-dimensional matches where she overuses the dropkick. Should Naomi become the champ, she'll have matches filled with her innovative offense but that lack the varied kind of repertoire that Tamina possesses. 

Natalya can match Tamina in terms of ring-work but comes in as the No. 2 best option because she doesn't have as much of a ready-made story as Tamina does. 

A Tamina title reign creates a feud with AJ that is brimming with potential.

Allies-turned-enemies is nothing new, but WWE returns to that narrative so many times because it works so well. That story made Kaitlyn and AJ's feud memorable, allowing the fans to witness a partnership crumble.

This is where WWE should go once again, reprising an old song that worked for Diesel and Michaels, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, and The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

It's a song that will begin Tamina's reign, a stretch sure to be powered by quality matches and jaw-rattling kicks.