What Was the Point of the Titus O'Neil Heel Turn?

Chris FeatherstoneFeatured ColumnistMarch 25, 2014


What was the point of the Titus O'Neil turn? Someone please let me know. The Prime Time Players were crowd-pleasers (at least to the little kids) with their "Millions of Dollars" chants and solid tag team in the division—they could have been a top title contender in the future. When he did turn heel, it could have worked. He showed a dark side in his character and could have been a solid midcard heel.

He could have even commenced a decent feud with Big E, leading to an Intercontinental Championship match at WrestleMania. He could have even been the muscle in the Authority, being the 2014 version of Test.

Did you see how many times I stated "could have?"

Now, none of this matters. Simply because, once again, WWE pulled the plug on a heel push. A feud with Darren Young could have been a fresh start to Titus, but it was just a moment of false hope for the soon-to-be 37 year old O'Neil. 

These series of matches against the Big Show could have been a great kickstart to his push. Big Show defeating O'Neil numerous times does nothing for either one of them. It is a bit too late for Show to have some kind of sizable push. Instead, he should utilize his name to put over rising stars, like Titus O'Neil.

Of course, O'Neil can bounce back from this almost-immediate plummet following his turn, but it does not even seem like something the WWE is concerned about right now. He has the size, theme music and trademark bark to be a focal point in the echelon of heels in the WWE. However, it only took a couple of  weeks for his bark to definitely be bigger than his bite.

Maybe a Prime Time Players reunion would salvage the WWE-manufactured mistake of turning O'Neil heel? Maybe, but it just would not be the same. Unfortunately, O'Neil and Brodus Clay are the two latest victims of WWE's version of "We've got an idea... nevermind."

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