Christian Reportedly Pulled from Intercontinental Title Match on Main Event

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 25, 2014


He won a Fatal 4-Way match on Raw to earn the shot, but the WWE is reporting that Christian will not be competing in his scheduled championship match on Main Event on Tuesday night.

It is unclear what the reasons are for the decision to withdraw him from the WWE Intercontinental Championship match against Big E, but posted the following on its website: has received word from backstage at TD Garden in Boston that Christian will not be competing tonight against Intercontinental Champion Big E. 

Last night on Raw, Christian won an opportunity to challenge for the powerful champion's illustrious title in a fast-paced Fatal 4-Way Match. However, with the two-time World Heavyweight Champion not lacing up his boots, questions are already beginning to arise as to what will happen next.

This report is bizarre, given Christian only earned the shot 24 hours ago, but the reasons are very much up in the air as to why the decision was made.

One potential area of interest as to why he will not be competing could be the Fatal 4-Way match itself. There were some pretty brutal spots throughout the match, including one between Christian and Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio seemed to kick Christian clean in the back of the head, and with the WWE's policy on concussions, perhaps he is not cleared medically to compete.

It would be disappointing if another injury has ruled Christian out of action just as he was starting to regain some rhythm. The last few years have been blighted by injury for the Canadian, and another would be a hammer blow for any potential booking.

Or perhaps it is just a storyline and something that has been done to keep us guessing. It would be a bit of a twist to take Christian out of the fray to fight Big E and throw someone else in. Perhaps it could set up a storyline where he becomes frustrated over the decision. However, that is all speculative at this moment in time.

WWE Network subscribers will be able to get the full picture later, as there will no doubt be an announcement at the beginning of Main Event. However, at the time of writing, it seems Christian has indeed been pulled.