Erroneous New York Post Report Claims Quinton Ross Found Dead

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Erroneous New York Post Report Claims Quinton Ross Found Dead
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Let it be known: Quinton Ross is livin', man. L-I-V-I-N.

The former NBA journeyman is very much alive, but he spent the last day or so contacting loved ones who feared for his life thanks to a false newspaper report.

Ross woke up to hailstorm of terrified messages from friends and family on Monday morning after the New York Post erroneously published a report claiming his body had turned up dead on a beach.

The original report tweeted by the New York Post claimed his body had been found in a shallow grave on Far Rockaway Beach in New York City. The publication later deleted the tweet and admitted the body found was not the former Nets player but that of someone else with the same name.

According to the Associated Press (h/t Huffington Post), Ross is far from the cold beaches of New York City. He is living in Dallas and made the most of his continued existence by attending Monday night’s basketball game between LSU and SMU. 

Prior to taking in the game, Ross called in to Dallas hip-hop station K104 to reassure fans that he continues to draw breath. Monday was a long day for the former baller, according to Kurt Hellin of

“It’s been a crazy morning,” Ross said over the radio. “I woke up and saw these text messages saying ‘say it isn’t so.’ So I called around to see what was going on.”

Ross told listeners that he saw the story online and immediately began making calls and posting on social media to “let everyone know [he] was OK.”

“A couple [relatives] had already heard it,” Ross said. “They were crying. I mean, it was a tough day, man. Mostly for my family and friends.” 

We all know what it’s like to have a bad morning. You wake up, check your phone and see a report claiming your life ended in a shallow grave in Queens. Happens to the best of us.

Perhaps next time the Post will be a bit slower with the trigger finger before putting a living man in the ground. Then again, they like their news fast and their headlines punny.

As for Ross, he has a whole new lease on life moving forward.

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Let's all put this behind us and celebrate life with an ice cold, verified AP newswire.

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