Brock Lesnar Looking Too Weak in Feud with Undertaker

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 25, 2014


WWE has turned "The Beast" Brock Lesnar into an invertebrate in his rivalry with Undertaker.

Monday's Raw added another image of Lesnar as a weakling rather than a conqueror. Of all the major WrestleMania matches, this buildup remains the most one-sided and most flawed.

For the first time in weeks, Lesnar and Undertaker met face-to-face. The two titans entered the Barclays Center as fans expected animosity to increase between them and for a car crash-like collision to take place.

Instead, Lesnar left the night looking feeble.

Lesnar called out his WrestleMania opponent and a cluster of druids answered by bringing a casket to the ring. The powerhouse approached it timidly, poking it with his foot and trying to peek inside.

It appeared to be empty.

Undertaker eventually emerged from the casket, smoke rising around him. Lesnar backed up against the ropes with his eyes widened. "The Deadman" clocked Lesnar with a number of right hands before tossing him out of the ring.

Lesnar made no effort to retaliate.

On its own, there is nothing inherently wrong with that scene, but it comes in a story where only Undertaker has managed any victories. Lesnar has yet to have a moment of his own and has yet to look worthy of battling Undertaker.

When they met for the first time this year, Undertaker won that round as well.

On the Feb. 24 Raw, Undertaker returned, stabbed Lesnar with a pen and slammed him through the announcer's table. He has yet to respond with his own act of violence.

Undertaker has also manhandled Lesnar's manager with no consequence. 

This continually disproportionate narrative has led to writers like Mike Mooneyham from The Post and Courier expressing their dislike of the buildup.

The story so far has been Lesnar is scared of Undertaker. Undertaker, on the other hand, has no reason to fear Lesnar. 

That's despite these two men's violent history together that includes Lesnar bloodying and defeating Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at No Mercy 2002. The following year, Lesnar bested him in a Biker Chain match.

Undertaker should be the one heading into WrestleMania with trepidation. He has yet to defeat Lesnar in singles action.

WWE hasn't brought this up.

Instead, the focus seems to be on highlighting Undertaker in this feud. There has been far more talk about his winning streak than why Lesnar will be the one to end it.

Even Paul Heyman has spent more time talking about how great Undertaker is.

When he confronted "The Phenom" on March 10, Heyman called his streak an "historic accomplishment" and talked about all the greats whose WrestleMania records didn't compare to his. Heyman even referred to Undertaker as a "deity."

Lesnar hasn't been built up nearly as much as Undertaker these past few weeks. 

Unlike Undertaker's previous WrestleMania opponents, Lesnar hasn't done much to anger him. He has been too busy retreating.

CM Punk used the passing of Paul Bearer to irk Undertaker. He disrespected him to the point where one wondered if Undertaker would be able to focus during his match or if his rage would blind him.

When Undertaker was paying tribute to late manager, Punk interrupted.

He said, "I want to extend my heartfelt apologies for your loss at WrestleMania." At the end of the segment, Punk grinned and Undertaker seethed.

Punk landed a strong jab that night. Lesnar has yet to throw a punch. 

Other foes have had far more to celebrate before their bouts with Undertaker. At Elimination Chamber 2010, Shawn Michaels superkicked Undertaker after crawling from under the steel grate around the ring.

That blow caused Undertaker to lose the world title.

Undertaker would have added incentive to take down Michaels when the time came, something that's non-existent against Lesnar. Lesnar has yet to take anything away from him.'s Greg Parks is absolutely right when he says this feud needed something that Monday's Raw didn't deliver.

WWE is now just two weeks away from a match that has limped toward WrestleMania. There is a stellar story waiting to be told, and the company has bungled it.

Daniel Bryan hijacked Raw followed by Triple H assaulting him. John Cena has scored victories over Bray Wyatt's crew, and Wyatt has left Cena tied in the ropes with a sheep mask on. 

That kind of give and take is missing with Lesnar vs. Undertaker. Lesnar has been the victim too often. He needs to be booked more as a predator to better sell this match.

Lesnar is fully capable of playing the role of a shark, but for now, he's been asked to be this drama's jellyfish, wiggling away from danger.