WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners and Losers After March 25

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 25, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Beaten, restrained and made to wear his enemy's mask, John Cena may not have felt like the March 24 edition of WWE Raw earned him a victory, but his rivalry with Bray Wyatt was one of the night's biggest winners.

That story got pushed forward while the one featuring Brock Lesnar and Undertaker remained one-sided. Lesnar joins AJ Lee and The Miz as Superstars who benefited the least from Monday's Raw.

The members of The Shield and Christian represent the other side of the spectrum. They all scored wins in the ring along with added momentum and spotlight.

A fervent Brooklyn crowd watched as the following Superstars either slipped down the WWE ladder or fortified their positions.

Winner: Christian

In a match that featured three former world champions, two of whom have won the Royal Rumble, Christian emerged with the victory.

He outlasted Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio on Monday's Raw. Through his cunning and timing, he looked the part of the predatory opportunist.

"Captain Charisma" seemed to wait in the shadows at times, looking for a limping beast to attack.

The win nets him a shot at the Intercontinental Championship on Tuesday's Main Event, but more immediately, it shifted his trajectory in a big way. Christian has spent much of the past few weeks suffering Brogue Kicks to the teeth and losing again and again.

Even if he doesn't dethrone Big E, Monday's win provides fans with a positive image of Christian before he heads into battle at the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Loser: AJ Lee

The longest Divas Championship reign ever looks to be headed to its end.

After AJ took a count-out loss to avoid tangling with Naomi, Vickie Guerrero announced that the champ would defend the title at WrestleMania against 13 Divas at the same time. It's a move that all but assures her a loss and that her title defense will be an exercise in disarray.

Rather than getting a chance to produce a match as good as she had against Natalya on March 11 or against Kaitlyn at Payback, she is getting thrown into a cluttered mess.

Fatal 4-Ways are hard enough to make run smoothly. A Fatal 14-Way has no chance.

Trish Stratus got to face Mickie James at WrestleMania 22 in what was the culmination of a fantastic storyline. Fabulous Moolah and Wendi Richter put on a memorable performance at the first WrestleMania.

AJ is not getting a similar chance to shine. She's instead being set up for failure.

Winner: Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena Feud

Monday's Raw delivered a memorable moment in the Wyatt vs. Cena story after it gave us the night's second-best match.

This continues to be one of the more intriguing matches on the WrestleMania card, thanks in large part to quality storytelling. Before Cena locked up with Luke Harper, he prepped in the locker room. He thought he saw a masked Erick Rowan staring at him.

When he turned around, there was no one there.

Cena looked unnerved then and during his match later on. He failed to sustain any offense until the end of the bout. That's when the lights went off.

When they came back on, Wyatt grinned next to Cena, whom he had tied up in the ring ropes and dressed in a sheep mask. It was yet another haunting element added to this rivalry. 

It will be images like that one that glow in fans' minds when Cena and Wyatt battle at WrestleMania.

Loser: The Miz

The Miz, as he will be quick to remind you, once headlined WrestleMania. His role has shifted dramatically since then. He's apparently now the go-to guy for guest stars to push around.

When Michael Strahan appeared on Miz TV, the former NFL player threw Miz to the ground.

Miz must have had a flashback to that moment when Joe Manganiello, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hulk Hogan took turns attacking him on Monday's Raw. He said that the two actors from Sabotage weren't tough enough to enter the Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

They then showed him the extent of their toughness with a bit of violence.

Miz ended that scene outside of the ring with no chance to retaliate.

The moment is both a sign of how different pro wrestling has become and WWE's opinion of Miz. Jerry Lawler manhandled Andy Kaufman, not the other way around. WWE would never have allowed Roman Reigns or Cena to be the patsy here.

Miz, though, has to settle for any air time that he can get.

Winner: The Shield 

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose defeated The Real Americans. The extent of their victory goes beyond that, though.

The excellence of their bout and the crackling energy they produced served as an echoing statement reminding the audience not to forget how great The Shield is.

The narrative had been focused on their infighting and potential breakup. With their newly united front, the "The Hounds of Justice" have gone back to the frenzied, awe-inspiring ring action that made them popular from their debut onward.

Kane announced that he and The New Age Outlaws would take on the trio at WrestleMania, but there also appears to be a rivalry building between Triple H and The Shield. When Reigns and company asked who orchestrated the attack on them during Friday's SmackDown, the air was choked with tension.

Triple H dismissed them, but we could soon see that rivalry grow, something that will keep The Shield in the heart of the spotlight.

Loser: Brock Lesnar 

With just two weeks left until WrestleMania, Undertaker has a huge lead in his rivalry with Lesnar. Undertaker chokeslammed him through a table a month ago. He later intimidated Paul Heyman.

On Monday, "The Deadman" had Lesnar shrieking like a pre-teen stumbling into puberty.

Lesnar was clearly afraid of Undertaker, backing away from what he thought was an empty casket. After Undertaker rose out of that casket, he threw Lesnar on top of it.

"The Beast" has yet to strike back against him.

He continues to play the weaker rival in this story, the trembling doe scurrying through the woods. Rather than focus on making Lesnar a believable threat, WWE has chosen to pump up Undertaker's invincibility.

Lesnar, so far, has been made to look like he doesn't belong in this upcoming match. 

There is increasingly less time to remedy that. He needs small victories before his inevitable defeat at WrestleMania.


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