WrestleMania 30: Best Uses and Matches for The Shield

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIMarch 24, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Best Uses and Matches for The Shield

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    The Shield, strong and united.
    The Shield, strong and united.Photo by WWE

    They are strong, they are united...they are The Shield!

    Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have taken the WWE by storm since their arrival and have one WrestleMania victory under their belt.

    Despite their apparent dissension of late they decided to remain true to their cause and changed their attitude to a more fan-approved one.

    Now a new chapter begins for all three Superstars.

    Can they overcome adversity and their own unique personalities leading up to the big event in two weeks?

    Will they come out the winners once again at WrestleMania?

    What is the best plan of action for The Shield going forward?

    Let's have a look-see.

Keep Them United

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    To a strong, impenetrable shild
    To a strong, impenetrable shildPhoto by WWE

    The Shield is The Shieldplain and simple.

    They are a group of strong characters, each with his own attitude and personality that seems to fit with fans and members alike.

    Splitting them up now is pure folly. Learning from the past is important now in order to not repeat mistakes that have ruined other tag teams.

    If they went their separate ways too quickly they would just get lost in the shuffle—just ask Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow. Both have incredible potential but have faded away of late, much to everyone's dismay.

    There is plenty of time to build something even better with Dean Ambrose and Company. It has already begun, but good things take time to develop.

    In a world that's fast, fast, fast, sometimes stopping and thinking for a second leads to even brighter horizons.

    They just turned face, so how about developing that angle before tearing them apart?

Strengthen Their Recent Attitude Adjustment

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    Kane Shield-bashed!
    Kane Shield-bashed!Image by WWE

    The Shield turned to the light side last week. That's perfect!

    They were already favorites even when they played the "heels," because who could honestly not love their act?

    Now, with this recent turn The Shield should somehow get under The Authority's skin and siphon off a little Daniel Bryan energy to make them even more loved.

    Each superstar in that group stands out.

    Dean Ambrose is still the United States Champion, and his psychotic personality makes him the most interesting of the bunch, so it will be amazing to watch him develop in coming months.

    Most likely he will have to defend that championship soon as the one-year mark approaches. How will that be booked? Will he face a strong challenger or another champion?

    Seth Rollins is fast and has a nice variety of moves at his disposal. His mic work is very good, similar to that of CM Punk. His future seems bright, and the fans love him.

    As for Roman Reigns: He is the one poised for an impressive push this year, as WWE made it quite clear lately that they want him strong. His Royal Rumble performance is proof.

    However, as mentioned before, taking the time to properly establish this character is vital. There have been many disappointments in recent years, and therefore working to prevent future ones is essential here.

    Fans want to see The Shield; fans love The Shield. So changing their attitude was the first step. Now all that the company needs to do is steer them in the right direction and the rest will happen on its own.

    They are that good.

Book Them Strong

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    This feud ended too quickly.
    This feud ended too quickly.Image by WWE

    WrestleMania 30 is two weeks away. There is no time to waste.

    Unfortunately, the high-profile feud with the Wyatt family is over and done with and will not climax at the Show of Shows.

    Now The Shield are apparently involved in a squabble with Director of Operations Kane and the New Age Outlaws?

    If that is where this is headed, as unpopular as it will be, The Shield must make an example of them and utterly destroy them come WrestleMania.

    There should not be any doubt if people are to remain on their side.

    The Shield vs. Kane and The Outlaws is lackluster. The young guys are hot and happening while their likely opponents are, well...not.

    If it is to be a six-man tag then the three men in black must come out as if barely anything hit them.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold, so these guys should be frozen.

Title Unification?

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    You want a piece of me?
    You want a piece of me?Image courtesy of WWE.com

    There has been talk about unifying the Intercontinental and United States Championships for some time now.

    It is about time. As remarkable as his character is, Dean Ambrose hasn't defended the championship too often, and his title means almost nothing while Big E holds the real second-tier championship in WWE.

    There can be and should be only one.

    Now, despite the fact that the IC Champion is competing in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, no one said he couldn't pull double duty.

    This is a four-hour show with a two-hour pre-showodds are there is room for such a match somewhere in there.

    Big E vs. Dean Ambrose, winner takes all, is something that fans would like to see and would put the spotlight on two up-and-coming Superstars with great potential.

    Both would be a part of the biggest Mania to date as well, which would be a personal victory for both men.

    It could also cause more drama to be added to the card and the events following it. A new feud could could carry on until SummerSlam even, because let's be honest here: After WrestleMania, springtime in WWE is not always exciting.

    There is still plenty of time to make magic happen.


One Word: Believe!

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    Wow! They look like Kryptonians.
    Wow! They look like Kryptonians.Photo by WWE

    The Shield are here, and they are strong. 

    They have cleared up their issues and stayed united with one purpose: domination.

    Now, once they dispose of the immediate threats of Kane and Company, they will most likely try to reclaim their former glory and then some.

    Watch out, Usos. Watch out, Big E. The Shield will want all the gold. 

    If Reigns keeps getting the push then perhaps even Randy Orton or even Triple H will be at the receiving end of a spear, spear, spear!

    That makes for some very interesting television.

    There is a lot to look forward to, so remaining optimistic here would likely be reciprocated in kind.

    All one has to do is believe.

    Believe in The Shield!