WrestleMania 30: Projecting Most Likely Finishes and Swerves for Main Event

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 24, 2014

WrestleMania 30: Projecting Most Likely Finishes and Swerves for Main Event

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Whether WWE goes with the expected happy ending to WrestleMania 30 or shocks fans with a major swerve, Randy Orton fans won't be happy with how the main event unfolds.

    Daniel Bryan, Triple H and Batista have better chances of leaving the Superdome with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The stories involving those superstars would tell superior stories to Orton retaining, forcing "The Viper" to watch another man hoist his titles.

    WrestleMania's biggest match is sure to create a massive moment. Will it be the one Bryan's supporters have been longing for or is there a surprise in the works?

    The following is a look at the most likely scenarios involving Batista vs. Orton against the winner of Bryan vs. Triple H, searching for which narrative WWE will choose to share and who will be celebrating New Orleans-style on April 6. 

Main Event Becomes Fatal 4-Way

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The rules of the first part of the main event promise that either Daniel Bryan or Triple H will enter the triple threat title bout.

    WWE, though, isn't famous for sticking to its own rules if there is a great story at stake. Edge stole Kofi Kingston's spot in the Elimination Chamber in 2009, as just one example.

    To play with the audience's expectations, WWE could have Bryan vs. Triple H end in a draw or no-contest, shifting the main event to a four-man affair.

    That would increase doubt about the ending and make Bryan's road to triumph an even more arduous one. It also allows the final match to have double the star power.

    Randy Orton's chances of retaining are already low, but should this scenario play out, he'll be incensed by his worsened situation, making him even more dangerous. 

Triple H Orchestrates a Championship Win for Himself

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    Triple H may not trust anyone but himself at this point.

    Randy Orton has been his lead crony for the past few months, but "The Viper" has needed a lot of help to keep Daniel Bryan away from the WWE title. Now less confident in Orton's abilities and angry at him and Batista, Triple H has motive aplenty to crown himself champion.

    He has the power to do just about anything to help him achieve that goal from using crooked referees to having Kane or The New Age Outlaws interfere.

    The appeal of this story is that WWE would likely generate the kind of hatred from fans that was once a staple in pro wrestling. Expect trash to be thrown, boos to echo and the Internet to explode with vitriol.

    This ending would create the complete opposite emotion of the thrill of seeing Bryan win. This would throw napalm onto the fire that is animosity toward Triple H.

Daniel Bryan Finally Gets His Moment

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    Daniel Bryan aims a kick at Batista.
    Daniel Bryan aims a kick at Batista.Credit: WWE.com

    Since SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan's hands have only brushed against WWE gold. Triple H, Randy Orton and a number of other role players have starred in his disappointment-filled drama.

    WrestleMania offers WWE a chance to make all that suffering worth it, to cap off this often frustrating story with a celebratory moment for the ages.

    This is the best way to reward patient fans, to deliver what they have been demanding and have WrestleMania XXX end in emotional, cathartic fashion.

    It's the most likely scenario for all those reasons, but not one that is a sure bet. As many times as WWE has yanked the rug from under Bryan, it wouldn't be surprising to see it happen once more. 

Triple H Assists Daniel Bryan, Makes Babyface Turn

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    The brief hint of admiration that Triple H showed before he throttled Daniel Bryan could be a bit of foreshadowing. 

    Triple H could grow to respect Bryan after losing to him earlier in the night and then decide to back Bryan, interfering on his behalf in the main event. It is admittedly the least likely of the presented scenarios, but one that few would see coming. 

    Once the fans see the COO at ringside, a multitude of hearts will sink. We have seen Triple H slash at Bryan's dreams enough to know what his presence means.

    Should "The Game" then help his enemy instead, it would rank as one of WrestleMania's most surprising moments, residing somewhere below Steve Austin and Vince McMahon joining forces.

Batista Walks Away Champion, Starting a Long Feud with Daniel Bryan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    As much sense as it makes for Daniel Bryan's long-awaited championship win to happen at WrestleMania, WWE may decide to delay it one more time.

    The fan backlash to Batista's return could be used as a way to make him the company's top villain. He is in many ways the opposite of Bryan, making for a compelling feud. 

    Should Bryan come close to pinning Randy Orton, only to have Batista swoop in and steal the victory, WWE sets itself up for several months worth of hatred-filled narrative. Bryan has arguably been in chase mode for too long, but he's thrived at it. WWE may be tempted to have him play it until SummerSlam.

    According to F4WOnline, via WrestleZone.com, Bryan is on the short list for Batista's opponents at that event.

    Batista winning at WrestleMania would churn up nearly as much heat as Triple H becoming champion would and likely increasing support for Bryan.