How Much Is Bayern Munich's Toni Kroos Worth Based on Form in 2014?

Stefan Bienkowski@@SbienkowskiFeatured ColumnistMarch 23, 2014


It should come as no great surprise to any seasoned football fan that despite Bayern Munich's excellent play in the Bundesliga and Champions League this season, there may still be players who could look to leave the club. 

Toni Kroos has done a lot to make sure his situation at the club is no secret between the media and the club's fans, and following what could be another historic treble-winning season with Bayern, the young German midfielder could be on his way to pastures new. 

But if put in a situation where Bayern would have to sell Kroos this summer, just how much would one of the world's youngest and brightest players cost in today's market? 

Current Form 

Although Kroos has featured heavily in the Bayern first team since the turn of the year—despite Thiago Alcantara's best efforts to wrestle his way into a consistent starting role—we haven't seen the same flair and excellence that drove him on last season. 

Michael Probst/Associated Press

During last season's run, Kroos had three assists and a goal in the Bundesliga and Champions League between January and March. Using that same window for this season, we've seen but one goal and a solitary assist from the central midfielder, according to Transfermarkt.

The goal, of course, came against Arsenal in the the tightest of European showdowns, showing that the young German still has an eye for the bigger games, but it would be unfair to suggest that we've seen the best of Kroos in the past few months. 

Yet as Bayern continue to march toward excellence under Pep Guardiola, Kroos has kept his spot in the team and will continue to reap the benefits of regularly playing for a side that look to overcome all others in Germany and Europe. His form may not be the best at the moment, but Kroos' continued involvement with Bayern can only raise his value. 


To take form out of the question for one moment, the next thing we must take into account on Kroos' situation is how in-demand the midfielder is and who would potentially bid for his services at the end of the season. 

Simple economics dictates that the more demand for a player, the higher their value goes, and in Kroos' case, we have a number of clubs who could be interested in enticing him from Munich. 

As we've seen on countless websites and in the backpages of numerous papers, such as The Guardian, Kroos has been endlessly linked with Premier League side Manchester United and has even gone as far as to hint at some interest. But they're not the only club who could hike up the midfielder's price. 

Barcelona have apparently shown interest in the German midfielder, according to Spanish paper Sport (via Talksport), which of course means a bidding war could be inevitable when the player considers his options in the summer. 


Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press

The summer will be an appropriate time to evaluate Kroos' worth for all sorts of reasons, but another important factor will of course be all that he could accomplish between now and the end of July. Or in other words, the player's potential. 

As we know, Bayern are on the cusp of yet another Bundesliga title—one in which the German prodigy will have played a large part in obtaining—while still competing in the DFB Pokal Cup and the Champions League. Another treble is within touching distance for Kroos, which would look fantastic on his resume.

Yet the biggest prize on offer between now and next season is this summer's World Cup in Brazil, which Kroos and Germany have every intention of competing for in the hope of winning the country's first international trophy since 1996. 

The Bayern playmaker regularly plays an important role in Joachim Loew's side and will undoubtedly reap the personal benefits of such a groundbreaking result, if Germany were to go on and win the competition. 

However, we're not just discussing what Kroos' worth would be if he were to help Germany win such a competition. No, we're also talking about the potential of such a situation and why some clubs may feel obliged to bid for the player before his value truly skyrockets. 

For even though Kroos is already an established star for club and country, it's really the 24-year-old's potential that underlines any aspect of how much he is actually worth. Big clubs will be willing to spend even more on his services knowing that they'll easily be able to get another solid eight years out of such a talented midfielder. 

Alas, we come to the conclusion of such calculating and can only come to an appropriate figure upon taking in to account that Kroos' contract at Bayern actually runs out next summer. As such we won't see the kind of figures thrown around for players of a similar pedigree such as Barcelona's Neymar or even PSG's Edinson Cavani. 

Instead, we're likely to see a figure similar to Mario Gotze's own transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern last summer. Therefore, we reckon Toni Kroos' value in 2014 is likely to be around £32 million. 


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