Report: Update on Plans for The Shield for WrestleMania 30 and Beyond

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 22, 2014


We saw on Raw this past week that The Shield turned babyface at long last after serving up a vicious beating on Kane.

It looks like the explosive trio are now set to work a program with the Director of Operations at WrestleMania XXX in order to cement their turn and become the top face stable in the company.

That has raised the possibility of The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family being resurrected after the completion of WrestleMania season, which would be another great spectacle.

However, despite their lifespan as a trio seemingly extended because of this turn, it seems that the Hounds of Justice will go their separate ways at some point in the near future. According to F4WOnline (h/t Lords of Pain), the split will still happen, as Marc Middleton writes:

We noted before that there is still a plan in place for The Shield to split up. The plan is for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to play the heel tag team while Roman Reigns will be booked as a top singles babyface.

The apparent babyface turn by The Shield on RAW was done to accomplish two things - allow The New Age Outlaws to work a program with them, which they requested, and to better set up Reigns' big singles run.

The way the article is written, it looks like we could well have found the two wrestlers that will join forces with Kane at WrestleMania XXX to work a six-man tag match. It seems as if it's the only real way for The Shield to be on the card at the showespecially if the three members will be presented as a babyface group.

It also makes sense for The Shield to eventually split up at some point, too. It had been teased for a while, and it looked like it was going to happen at several points over the last few months. However, credit to the WWE for providing the swerve and going in an almost completely different direction. It has paid off, and the three Superstars will make an excellent babyface outfit.

The article is correct in that it will also cement Roman Reigns as a top babyface when the split does happen. You would imagine Rollins and Ambrose would be the guys who turn on Reignsrather than the other way around. That would enable the turn from Rollins and Ambrose to be effectiveand it would also nicely push Reigns to new heights.

It may come as a surprise to some that Rollins may turn heel when The Shield splitsit certainly would surprise me. He has been incredibly entertaining over the last couple of months in particular, and we will see just how good a face he can be during this run for The Shield.

This babyface turn for The Shield will definitely pay offespecially for Roman Reigns. If the plans are true for Reigns to be pushed to the top of the company as a huge face, then starting the run off with his compatriots in The Shield will help push him.

It would have been a pretty big risk to have Reigns go it alone as a face, breaking away from Rollins and Ambrose. This will see a few months of The Shield doing what the group does bestentertaining the crowd.

It may have been unthinkable six months ago to imagine The Shield turning face. However, it could end up being one of the smartest things the WWE has done in a long time. In terms of long-term impact, it will do wonders for the three men chiefly involved.