This Week's Raw and Why Matt Hardy Should Be in a Title Hunt…Any Damn Title

Angelique SmytheContributor IJune 16, 2009

Let me just say, "Wow." If Vince McMahon wished to send shock waves through the WWE viewers, especially the marks, he did a good job of it. The announcement that Donald Trump had “bought” Raw, had me double checking both WWE and Trump corporate Web sites, just to make sure it was legit.

Opening the show with an Intercontinental Championship match was great. Jericho and Mysterio are both technically wonderful to watch and fun for the general observer. It was a fast-paced match, but what else would you expect from those two?

The decision not to award the belt to Triple H in the Fatal Four Way is, to my way of thinking, the correct decision. While I have heard grumblings from across the IWC about there being—yet again—a Triple H-Orton battle for the belt, I loved the fact that they had all four former champions battling for the belt.

Finally, I get to see the Hart Dynasty vs. the Colons, but then Worthless…err, sorry, Priceless interferes. Come on. That could have been a great match…

Oh, apparently they are on Superstars this week. It's a shame I am in Australia and don’t get Superstars.

Edge vs. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy. I thought, to be honest, this match would have been a little better than it was. I think Punk was genuinely injured, so that may have had something to do with my displeasure over the ending, although Edge getting pinned is better than Jeff getting pinned.

I am so glad Tommy Dreamer retained, even though I was 50-50 on this one. I love Christian’s character, but at the same time I want Tommy to get a decent title run.

The 10-man over-the-top rope Battle Royal—seriously try saying that 10 times fast—to determine the No. 1 contender was interesting. The win for Triple H here was not unexpected.

Hey! Trips and Orton are in a feud people. Deal with it.

As a Triple H fan, I am loving the thought of watching Orton get a beating. The issue with this battle was the speed with which Matt Hardy was eliminated.

Matt Hardy has been with the WWF/WWE since 1995, and on the roster full-time since 1999—excluding a brief period, which I think most know about—yet the highest belts Matt has held were the United States Championship and ECW Championship. Matt, from what I have seen, is a good worker, definitely good in the ring, but is reduced to doing favors for the general manager in order to get a United States Title shot.

Matt, less than 12 months ago, was the United States Champion. Six months ago he was the ECW Champion, but he now needs to do favors to get a spot in a Fatal Four Way that he loses. Fine, all wrestlers have some loses—not Triple H, but hey…

Hardy was eliminated first from the Battle Royal. The man is on a losing streak from Hades. Given there is nothing happening with the Jeff feud, Matt is basically left to be a lackey, and not the brightest one either.

This is demeaning to Matt and his fans. I am not a massive Matt fan—nor, for that matter, am I a Jeff fan—but there just seems to be something off with what is currently occurring. Most wrestlers don’t go from United States and ECW Champion to jobber in less than six months.

Come on, WWE. You gave the title back to someone who lost it in a seven-minute squash match, but you can’t put Matt Hardy in a decent match.