This Is the Only Perfect NCAA Tournament Bracket Left

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 22, 2014

USA Today

The 2014 NCAA tournament featured numerous shocking upsets early on, which made it nearly impossible for anyone to have a perfect bracket through two days. However, one man was able to get through the round of 64 unscathed.

Many brackets were hurt by No. 6 Ohio State's loss to No. 11 Dayton in the first game Thursday. More brackets were busted Friday when No. 14 Mercer upset No. 3 Duke.

If that weren't enough, three No. 12 seeds knocked off No. 5s. 

Despite all of those upsets, one man was able to nail the first 32 games of the tournament:

via Yahoo!

Update: Saturday, 9:47 p.m. ET

Following Syracuse's 55-53 loss to Dayton, Brad's bracket is no longer perfect.

---End of update---

Here's the guy who is no longer perfect:

In case you were wondering, it doesn't sound like Brad put very much time into making his picks:

The 23-year-old told Yahoo Sports he picked Mercer over Duke because, "Duke was soft all year and they live and die by the 3 ball. Mercer has that chemistry."

Be sure to keep an eye on his bracket to see how long he can keep the streak up.

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