THE PAST DICTATES THE FUTURE! Hall Of Fame Michael Irvin Wants You!

Melis Peters Jr.Contributor IJune 16, 2009

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin   competes  in a flag-football legends  game during 2005 Pro Bowl week in Ko Olina, Honolulu February 11, 2005.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

No longer do we have to wait for the NFL draftDallas Cowboys.These group of people have managed to put together one of televisions best reality shows,no actors,stuntmen,special affects this is the real deal; if you ever played the game competitively or been to a practice then you can appreciate this show,if you never participated in the sport outside of being a fan then you will fall in love with the show. From the opening credits right down to the part where one player has to be cut there are no disappointing moments in this one hour show.The main objecive of this show is to find someone who has the drive,the heart,the determination to land a spot on a NFL football team that team being the D Dallas Cowboys.Hosted by Irvin he is joined by former spl team coach Joe Avezzano and former teammates and pro bowler Bill Bates and Nate Newton also making appearances former cowboy greats.This takes twelve former college players,arena football players and others who made the cut so far they will go through the same thing that the pros go through and at the end one will earn the right to attend training camp and hopefully make at least the practice squad.This show is four weeks into the series and promises to get even better.The show can be seen on spike T.V. network on Monday nights check your local listings.