Remembering 5 of the Best Battle Royals in WrestleMania History

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2014

Remembering 5 of the Best Battle Royals in WrestleMania History

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    WrestleMania XXX will feature one of the brand's most popular matches again this year: the over-the-top Battle Royal.

    This year, it will be a special Battle Royalin memory of Andre the Giant. It will see 30 contenders take part, competing for a precious place in company history as the first winner of this match.

    There have been 12 Battle Royals over the previous 29 WrestleMania events, with varying degrees of popularityand enjoyment.

    Some have featured Divas, some tag teams, and some just plain, old fashioned Superstars.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at what we deem to be the best five WrestleMania Battle Royal extravaganzas.

5. WrestleMania 24 Battle Royal

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    Aptly, the 24th edition of WrestleMania featured a Battle Royal with 24 menit was as if someone had planned it.

    Unfortunately, it was consigned to the pre-show of the event, with the winner getting a shot at the ECW Championship later that night.

    We saw the likes of Jimmy Wang Yang, Shelton Benjamin and Stevie Richards take part. The caliber of those contenders perhaps meant it was no surprise that Kane prevailed in the match.

    He won the belt from Chavo Guerrero, too. However, it was done in ridiculous circumstancesKane emerged from under the ring and beat Chavo in 11 seconds.

4. WrestleMania XIV Tag Team Battle Royal

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    This was a pretty cool Battle Royal, as the WWE got the concept of a tag team battle royal right. When one member of the team was eliminated, the other had to depart, too.

    There were some pretty good teams in the match, including the only WrestleMania appearance for the legendary Rock 'n' Roll Express, who were part of Jim Cornette's failed invasion with NWA.

    And it was the night when the legendary Legion of Doom made their return to the companyin slightly different ring attire. However, they were accompanied to the ring by Sunny, which makes them instantly go up in my estimations.

    The LOD got the victory too, as they eliminated Bob Holly and Bart Gunn last. They won a shot at the tag titles at the following pay-per-viewbut they lost to the New Age Outlaws.

3. WrestleMania 2000 Hardcore Battle Royal

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    Back at a time when the WWF Hardcore Championship was a brilliant belt, it got a great Battle Royal to expose the division at WrestleMania in 2000.

    There was a 13-man Battle Royal, but the twist was that the belt was currently being defended under 24/7 rulesmeaning the title changed hands a ridiculous amount of times during the match.

    In essence, that is what made this particular Battle Royal so interesting. Tazz, Viscera and Funaki all picked up the belt during the match, before Hardcore Holly became the winner when the time limit expired.

    He beat Crash at the end of the match to win the belt, but Crash had his revenge the next nightas he won the belt that he became synonymous with.

2. WrestleMania II WWF/NFL Battle Royal

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    The very first battle royal in WrestleMania history was contested with a rather huge twist attached to it.

    It didn't just feature your usual contingent of professional wrestlers from all across the cardit had NFL players in it, too.

    It was done as an attempt to show just which athletes were the toughest in sport, and the NFL guys certainly played their part.

    A memorable moment was William "Refrigerator" Perry and Big John Studd eliminating each other after they had exchanged verbal barbs before the match.

    This being prior to WrestleMania III, any match that involved Andre the Giant only had one result, with the big man outlasting the rest.

1. WrestleMania IV Battle Royal

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    The Battle Royal of WrestleMania II had plenty of excitement attached to it, but the event that took place two years later featured a better showing, for my money.

    The most defining moment to come from this Battle Royal was the face turn of one of the biggest stars in WWE history.

    After Bad News Brown eliminated Bret Hart lastwhilst they were eliminating the Junkyard DogHart cemented a babyface turn by trashing the trophy Bad News Brown had just won.

    He received a huge pop when he did so, and it was the beginning of his babyface turn. Brown's victory enabled him to make the step up to feud with guys like Randy Savage.

    All in all, it was a great Battle Royal with some pretty big names. Could the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal top it?