5 Questions You'd Love to Ask Manchester City's Sergio Aguero

Rob Pollard@@RobPollard_Featured ColumnistMarch 21, 2014

5 Questions You'd Love to Ask Manchester City's Sergio Aguero

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    Sergio Aguero is fast becoming one of Manchester City's greatest ever players. His 2012 goal against QPR that secured City's first league title in 44 years means he will always be remembered by the fans, but even aside from that remarkable goal—the most memorable moment on the history of the Premier League—his performances have been consistently excellent.

    This season, despite injuries holding him back, he's moved up a level. He has 26 goals in 25 games in all competitions, a remarkable strike rate that demonstrates his ability in front of goal.

    But if you had the chance, what questions would you ask the City striker?

What Are the DIfferences Between Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini?

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    From the outside looking in, the contrast in styles between Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini seems vast. Mancini’s autocratic leadership style alienated his players and staff and that ultimately led to his downfall. At first his fiery temperament was what was needed to organise a group of talented players who had been previously mismanaged, but eventually that approach lost its effectiveness.

    Pellegrini, on the other hand, is far more relaxed and focused on man management. He appears to have again united what had become a disparate squad of players under Mancini, and a more harmonious feeling now pervades at the Etihad.

    The majority of the squad, including Aguero himself, all appear to have responded well to Pellegrini’s approach.

    It would be fascinating to hear from Aguero what the differences are—in terms of coaching methods, approach to games, tactical awareness and man management—to better understand whether the decision the club took to change manager was the right one.

What Can You Achieve in Your Career at City?

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    He’s already won the Premier League title and the League Cup, but what else does he feel he can win as a City player?

    Their Champions League record at this stage leaves a little to be desired, but there was progress this season when they qualified from the group stage for the first time. The top-tier sides—Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona—still seem comfortably ahead of City in terms of the quality of their squad, but does Aguero feel City can dominate at home and win in Europe in the coming years?

Who Should City Buy This Summer?

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    The majority of observers feel City need defensive reinforcements in the summer. A left-back and a centre-back, as well as a defensive midfielder to act as cover for Yaya Toure and Fernandinho, appear to be critical if City want to push on.

    But what does Aguero feel? He has the luxury of seeing the other players in training every day and will be aware of the strengths and weaknesses in the current City squad. Are there players he feels would complement the squad already built at City and take them to the next level?

How Did It Feel to Score the Winning Goal Against QPR?

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    Those of us who have never played football professionally can never really understand the feeling of scoring a goal in front of a stadium full of adoring fans. The importance of football to the fans and the passion they display means there is huge pressure on players to deliver, and when they do, the relief and joy must be quite something.

    In 2012, Aguero scored the most dramatic goal imaginable: a last-minute strike that secured City their first league title in 44 years. How did it feel to score a goal like that, at the time and in the aftermath?

How Long Do You Intend to Stay at City?

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    Talk of a move from City rarely seems to go away, with Real Madrid and Barcelona known admirers of Aguero's talents (via the Sun). 

    It's understandable. Aguero is one of the best players in the world and City are yet to reach their potential. His pace and nerveless finishing ability make him one of the most desirable players in the world, and Madrid and Barcelona consider themselves the biggest clubs in the game.

    So, the most important question any City fan could ask Aguero is: How long do you plan on staying a Sky Blue?