Cleveland Parents Suck

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Cleveland Parents Suck


Anyone that watched the game tonight on ESPN saw these two little chochbags behind home plate.

Like it’d be possible to miss them. They were dancing around before every pitch in the beginning of the game, making faces at the camera every time it faced them and jumping up and down throughout the game and seemingly never sitting down.

How did the guys sitting behind them not murder them? I would’ve lasted about two pitches before I threatened to rip their throats out if they even flinched the next time the camera was on them.


And the kid on the right had a shirt on that said “Brewers Suck Sausage.” Mildly funny I guess, but the kid looked 9 years old. Should he really be wearing a t-shirt referencing blow jobs on national television nonetheless?

All in all though, those tiny pixy stix OD-ing deviants made the come-from-behind win even more enjoyable. I love the way they wore the look of crushing defeat.


Eat it, you little bastards.

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