NDSU Players Redefine Dance with Kung Fu Fighting Celebration

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 21, 2014

Screenshot via Instagram

Why do underdogs always have the best dances?

North Dakota State University fought Thursday night, and it fought hard.

After 45 long minutes of play, the 12th-seeded Bison managed to chop down fifth-seeded Oklahoma in a game that, at times, defied logic and belief.

What’s a team of young men to do after winning its first NCAA tournament game in school history? If you answered “Wild karate dancing,” you would be correct.

The Bison hit the locker room and began breaking it down in front of cameras. It was a little bit frightening, but they got down with expert timing. 

Thus continued the tradition of tournament underdogs showing off in postgame celebration dances—a trend Florida Gulf Coast started during last year’s tournament.

After upsetting Georgetown in the second round, the 15th-seeded FGCU Eagles went certifiably insane.

GIF via BustedCoverage

Cinderella dance parties are a tradition unlike any other. We can only hope NDSU keeps the trend alive and serves up some “Crane Style” against San Diego State in the round of 32. 


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