Champions League Draw Predicted by @UEFACorruption on Twitter Is Wrong

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Champions League Draw Predicted by @UEFACorruption on Twitter Is Wrong
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A Twitter account claiming UEFA rig the Champions League draw has predicted the line-up for Friday's quarter-finals on the morning of the draw.

The last eight, which feature a remarkable quality of teams from around the continent, is due to be drawn at 11 a.m. on Friday morning (GMT).

Here is what @uefacorruption claims you will see unfold:

We've kept it for posterity here:


The account was credited with correctly predicting all eight ties from the last 16, as the Huffington Post amongst other sites recorded back in December. 

With no meaningful online presence at the time, however, theories did abound as to the ways they could have made it look as if they had correctly predicted the draw. 

They now have over 20,000 followers and their predictions have been clearly laid out, so there is no room to hide if they have made an error. 

Update after the Champions League draw: 

Not close. With the drawing throwing up Barcelona vs. Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid vs. Borussia Dortmund, PSG vs. Chelsea and Manchester United vs. Bayern Munich, there was not a single correct prediction. 

Perhaps there's no great conspiracy after all...

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