Debate: Are Bayern Munich Home and Hosed in the Champions League?

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Debate: Are Bayern Munich Home and Hosed in the Champions League?
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The Champions League quarter-final draw takes place on Friday, with eight of Europe’s elite still in the hunt for glory.

Bayern Munich are the bookmakers’ favourites, and the defending champions do look extremely strong.

But the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, not to mention a couple of Premier League sides, are still in the hunt.

Given the quality also in the frame, is it fair to say Bayern have one hand on the cup with the big ears?


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Arsenal showed the same thing in a better way last year, but Bayern put on the most dominant run ever to win the CL. I would not be surprised to see a...
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Its too early to say Bayern have one hand on the trophy. They are one of the favorites but Arsenal showed early in the 1st leg that Bayern are mortal....
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I wouldn't be surprised if Bayern won back to back CL finals. They've been at the top for years and now is their time to show their dominance. Would l...
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Too early to say we got a favorable draw in Q/F doesn't mean we are home and hosed in CL. Plenty to play for. I expect Madrid, Barca,Bayern and PSG to...
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Madrid struggled against atletico this year isn't fair, they destroyed them in both Copa Del Rey matches
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