Dolph Ziggler's Recent Promos Indicate WWE Is Ready to Elevate Him Again

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2014

Dolph Ziggler
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Dolph Ziggler was once on his way up in WWE.  He was considered by many fans to be the best natural talent in the company; he performed at a very high level in the ring and on the mic.  He also held the World Heavyweight Championship, a belt that he had definitely earned the right to wear.

But since that time, Ziggler's career has truly slid down.  Instead of being a champion and working either the semi-main or main event, Dolph is lucky to just get on TV these days. However, if recent promos are any indication, it could be that the company is ready to elevate him once again.

For many fans, Dolph is perhaps the most curious case of underutilized talent that WWE has seen in years. He seems to have all the gifts needed to make it on the worldwide stage, but for whatever reason, he is just not booked in that fashion.

And truth be told, it's an easy trap for WWE Superstars to fall into.

Ziggler is a workhorse, a guy that keeps his head down and keeps pushing.  Every time he's in the ring, he delivers.  He may be all flash and braggadocios on the mic, but his physical style is no-nonsense.

Ziggler can get it done, and very few Superstars can consistently perform the way he does in the ring.  

And when a guy is labeled as the workhorse, he can often get stuck in one spot.  After all, a star like that is just so valuable in the midcard; he can strengthen that part of the program despite who he's working or how long the match goes.

With that being the case, it's difficult to move him from that spot.

It's almost as if a Superstar is trusted to deliver and contribute when called upon night in and night out yet his reward for that hard work is to simply stay where he is.  Instead of being moved up and given main event opportunities, he's left at the midcard because he is a guaranteed reliable performer.

It's a tough situation because at the end of the day, it's all about getting work and more importantly, getting on TV.  Every part of the card is important and every match is an opportunity for a Superstar to prove himself.

But for Dolph Ziggler, he's been there and done that.  Maybe the time has come that he gets another shot.

Recent promos suggest that perhaps Dolph is on his way back to that main event spotlight. The combination of frustrating losses and inspiring victories have both led The Showoff to voice his opinions lately, and many of those opinions center on his place in the company. While all of that was obviously done while he was in character, it could be a prelude to something big down the road.

Such promos have the ability to put a guy back on the map, to put fans on notice that a Superstar is on the right path mentally to make an impact.  It's unlikely that WWE would want these types of interviews and that sort of rhetoric unless there was a potential plan in place for Dolph to climb the ladder once again.

And if that plan is indeed put into motion, then Ziggler's spot at the midcard could be taken by another Superstar that is applauded for his ring work.

Cesaro is a guy that fits that description perfectly.  While he is still partnered with Jack Swagger, that relationship has been tenuous at best.  And if they do split, he is likely the best candidate to make a singles run and earn his stripes on WWE's midcard level.

The Swiss Superman could become the company's new workhorse, the man that is depended upon to deliver every time he steps through the ropes.  He could be the trusted worker that Dolph Ziggler is. And as Cesaro establishes himself as the next great midcard Superstar, Ziggler would once again be elevated to the main event level.

Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan
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Of course, one of the biggest questions is what does he do when he gets there?

Daniel Bryan is the man that many fans feel will be the next WWE World champion.  He has a prime opportunity to win the gold at WrestleMania 30, and if he does, will fans see Ziggler get a chance to challenge him for the title?

Some might say that since Bryan is a protagonist like Ziggler, that Dolph would not be paired with him for the championship.  However considering the level at which each man performs on a regular basis, their matches would go a long way to legitimizing Bryan's title run very early on.  

And Ziggler would also reap the benefits of being seen as the man that is finally fulfilling his true potential in the largest pro wrestling company in the world.  Ziggler could fill the role left open by Daniel, just as Daniel would be filling the role left open by the recently departed CM Punk.

It would be the moment that Dolph Ziggler's fans have been waiting for, the moment that their favorite receives the spotlight that he deserves.  It's a scenario that many want to see and feel should happen sooner rather than later.

Dolph Ziggler is a WWE Superstar that seems to have all the tools needed to succeed on the company's main event level.  And if recent promos are any indication, then that is exactly what could happen in the very near future.  Perhaps the time has come for Dolph to do what he is truly best at: show off.