Gator Blog Posts Ridiculously Biased Poll

James ColtCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

Thanks to Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin, I came across a Florida Gators blog which is debating what college football team has been the greatest team of the decade, and the author really emphasizes the phrase so far.

The author even puts a poll on the blog for readers to vote which team they believe is the greatest of the decade, so far.

While this is a fun thing to talk about and debate, the problem I have is that the article is on a Florida Gator blog called Swamp Things, and can be found on  Here is the link to that particular blog.

One main area of focus that the author seems to have first and foremost isn't the stated topic of her article, but rather which championship Gator team of this decade was better. 

Again, that is an interesting topic for debate, but it is a little superfluous to the topic, and also takes away some objectivity, if there ever was any, of the author on this topic.

By making this a focus of her, we'll call it a series, she is indicating that she thinks one or both Gator teams are among the best of the decade.

I must whole heartedly disagree with that.

Of course, we all know that neither Florida team was able to achieve perfection, which levies a HUGE penalty against them both when comparing them to other championship teams of the decade (she does say that to qualify you must have been a BCS champion, so, sorry to the 2003 and 2005 USC teams and 2004 Auburn).

When I think of the best teams of this decade I would immediately discount any of the once or twice (ahem, LSU) beaten teams.  Sometimes this shouldn't be an automatic disqualification, but all of the undefeated teams of the past nine years have just been that good.

So let's look at the undefeated teams by breaking them down in order.

First is the 2000 Oklahoma Sooners. 

They pretty much shocked everyone that year, and are perhaps a little forgotten about because they weren't on anyone's radar at the beginning of the year, and so the hype machine didn't really get going for this team.  OU boasted an outstanding defense in 2000 that held FSU, which averaged 42.4 ppg in 2000, to just two points in the title game.

Next is the 2001 Miami team which can now boast 10 first round picks from that team, and completely obliterated Nebraska in the title game, whether they deserved to be there or not.

The following season saw Ohio State run the table and stun Miami in the title game in double overtime.  Miami definitely suffered from the loss of McGahee, but the Buckeyes still won the game and the title. 

Much like the 2000 OU team, the Buckeyes championship team seems almost forgotten because they were talked about very little during the 2002 season due to Miami, their winning streak and their quest for back-to-back titles.

The next undefeated team was the 2004 Trojans led by Heisman winner Matt Leinart.  USC was able to go wire to wire as the AP No. 1 after coming off of a split title in 2003.  USC completely dominated OU and former Heisman trophy winner Jason White.

The following year saw Texas claim an undefeated national title against the team that ESPN had declared the greatest ever. 

USC was led by two Heisman trophy winners, and was essentially playing a home game, but Texas pulled out the win in what was an improbable highly anticipated match up because the two teams went wire to wire as Nos. 1 and 2 in the AP in 2005.

There has yet to be an undefeated team since 2005, but I have a feeling that Andrea Adelson of the Swamp Things blog feels that 2009 will see Florida run the table, and become the greatest team ever judging by the tone of her article.

One final note on Miss Adelson's article is about the poll.  While it is exclusively a Gators blog posted on an Orlando newspaper web site, the poll does have the 2005 Texas team leading the 2008 Gator team.  

Don't fret Gator fans, you can still click the link above to go vote for your beloved Gators.

As for me, I don't know if I could rank the teams I listed above.  I think you could take any of them and not be wrong. 

So, since I'm talking about a biased article, I might as well throw out my own biased vote, and say the 2005 Longhorns have been, so far, the best team of the decade.