Top 5 Arizona Diamondbacks to Target for Your 2014 Fantasy Team

Trey Warren@treydwarrenContributor IIIMarch 21, 2014

Top 5 Arizona Diamondbacks to Target for Your 2014 Fantasy Team

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    With the 2014 baseball season about to kick off, everybody is getting ready to draft their fantasy baseball teams.

    Although this club isn’t stacked with all-stars, the Arizona Diamondbacks have their fair share of players who would fit on any roster. From power hitters to closers, the team has at least one guy to fill your team in any round of the draft.

    We will preview the best potential Diamondbacks for your fantasy team, with a focus on category leagues. They will be ranked by their numbers from last season and the potential output for the club this season.

    Here are the top five Diamondbacks to target for your fantasy team this year.

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5. Aaron Hill, 2B

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    Injuries limited Aaron Hill to just 87 games last year, but he still put up decent numbers while in the lineup.

    Hill finished the season hitting 11 home runs and 21 doubles, in what was basically half of a season. He is going to be batting in the No. 2 this spot in front of Paul Goldschmidt. It will be beneficial to both players, considering that Hill has held a .356 OBP or better over the past two seasons.

    Hill is fifth on the list because he isn’t a big contributor in the run department. In his nine-year career, he has scored 80 or more runs just three times, and driven in 80 or more just twice.

    Still, the 31-year-old would be a good pick up in the later rounds or for the 2B/SS slot in your lineup.

4. Addison Reed, RP

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    One of the best moves the Diamondbacks made this season was acquiring Addison Reed from the Chicago White Sox.

    The move should be beneficial for Reed, too. His division is full of pitcher’s parks and the NL isn’t as offensively strong as the American League. Considering the Diamondbacks could potentially be a playoff threat, Reed could have a boost in his numbers in 2014.

    He saved 40 games for the White Sox last season, more than half of the team’s win total (63). Reed did blow eight save opportunities but he is still an upgrade for the Diamondbacks.

    Now at 25 years old, Reed has two years of closing experience under his belt. He could be in the top-10 in terms of relief points this season.

3. Mark Trumbo, LF/1B

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    Another move the Diamondbacks made was trading for Mark Trumbo, adding more power to the lineup.

    Trumbo comes in at No. 3 simply because of his ability to hit the long ball consistently. In the last three seasons as a starter, the 28-year-old has hit at least 29 homers, including a career-high 34 last season. He also eclipsed the 100-RBI mark in 2013 for the first time in his career.

    Plus, he could be placed in an outfield spot or at first base in the lineup.

    Strikeouts and batting average are an issue. But Trumbo is good for plenty of run production and extra-base hits. Other than that, don’t expect to see him score more than 80 runs like he did last season or earn a lot of walks.

    If you are in need of slugging in the middle-rounds, then Trumbo would be a nice addition.

2. Martin Prado, 3B/2B/OF

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    Martin Prado should be on everybody’s list this season for multiple reasons.

    For starters, Prado is listed at multiple positions in both the infield and outfield. He could be placed at five different spots in most leagues.

    After that, it’s all about numbers for the eight-year veteran. In his first year with Arizona, Prado hit 14 homers and set a career-high with 82 RBI. And he has a nag for getting to second base, hitting at least 36 doubles in four of the past five years.

    The best part about Prado’s approach is his strikeout rate. He set a career-low in the category last season with an eight-percent rate and has never topped 13.2 percent in a full season. He is going to put the ball in-play in any situation.

    Prado is one of the best platoon players to have on your roster.

1. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B

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    The only Diamondback worth a first-round pick is first baseman Paul Goldschmidt.

    He was arguably the National League MVP last season during his breakout campaign. “Goldy” led the league in homers, RBI, slugging percentage and OPS, setting career highs in those categories and just about every other category imaginable.

    Last year was just the start for the 26-year-old. Goldschmidt doesn’t have the greatest protection behind him so topping those numbers could be difficult. Still, he should still be good for run production and getting on base.

    If you are looking for a hitter with your first pick, then be sure to give Goldschmidt a hard look before making a decision.