Predicting Potential Teams to Join Kane in Likely 'Mania Match vs. The Shield

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2014


It appears like The Shield have finally cemented a face turn in the WWE, and the trio looks like they will be locking horns with Kane at the biggest show of the year.

WrestleMania XXX will see the hottest stable in recent memory likely culminate its feud with Kane, but the Director of Operations will obviously need some help, should the match take place.

With plenty of top stars involved with matches elsewhere, the options for Creative are few and far between, in all fairness. However, if you look deep enough, there will still be some smart options for the WWE to use in order for the six-man match to take place at WrestleMania. But what could some of those options be?


The New Age Outlaws

Long-time allies of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and The Authority, it could be smart for Creative to piece together The New Age Outlaws and Kane in order to take on The Shield.

There are pros and cons of this deal, so lets focus on the negatives first. It would mean writing Road Dogg and Billy Gunn out of the Tag title picture, which seems bizarre given how they have not had a legitimate rematch yet for the championships they dropped to The Usos.

Given how they are probably not going to be around for the long term, it would be a shame to finish off the Outlaws' run in the WWE with a tag match in which they join forces with Kane. It would be random, to say the least.

However, it could give them the opportunity to at least give Triple H some sort of positive result on the nightespecially if he comes up short against Daniel Bryan. Given how members of The Shield were allies of Triple H for so long, having them go up against a fellow ally could be smart business.


The Ascension

Konnor and Viktor of The Ascension have been the best tag team in NXT for some time now, and perhaps WrestleMania XXX could be the time they step up to the main roster.

It would be a fantastic way to introduce them into some serious storylines in the WWE and would be a fantastic start to their careers in the big time. Given how The Shield just entered the babyface realmeffectively turning its back on The Authoritythere needs to be some new muscle to show strength among tag team heels.

This would not be the worst move in the world, actually. Some fresh blood to strengthen up The Authority would add extra spice and incentive to the storyline, and it could almost create another dimension for The Shield's face turn.

If the Hounds of Justice are going to be a face stable for a prolonged period, they will need some foes to regularly compete against. The Ascension would hardly be a bad choice. And Konnor and Viktor would make excellent partners for Kane at WrestleMania XXX.


A New Team of Midcarders

As mentioned, a lot of stars at WrestleMania XXX are going to be tied up elsewhere. That means Kane's potential options for tag partners are few and far between.

However, there are a whole host of guys in the middle of the card who could be perfectly suitable partners for Kane, should the opportunity arise.

We have seen guys like The Miz and Alberto Del Rio headline WrestleMania shows in the pastor at least guys who've been placed incredibly high up on the card. Why not allow midcarders to give their WWE careers some fresh momentum by having them join forces with Kaneand The Authority?

Swerves like this are often pulled off best at WrestleMania. There is so much attention and hype around the show that the crowd is almost sucked into buying the swerve and accepting the changes the WWE creative team makes.

Out of all the options, this could perhaps be the smartest. Having some new blood join The Authority is almost a given, considering how The Shield has seemingly cut its ties to Triple H and Stephanie. Doing so from the current roster would allow some guys to have another chance to prove their worth to the WWE.