ESPN's Michelle Beadle Ate a Cockroach for Discovery's 'Naked After Dark'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 20, 2014

Discovery Channel

Michelle Beadle took a cockroach out of a jar and stuffed it down her mouth like it was a jalapeno popper. Her face suggests it does not taste as such. 

We would like to hat tip the Internet in general for this one. The sight of ESPN's prodigal personality eating a bug on live TV has been presented on places such as The Big Lead and SportsGrid

We just couldn't pass giving it to you here because this is exactly how things might go if we were demanded to chow down on a cockroach on television. 

Here is the Instagram post from SportsNation

We will assume cockroaches won't make a cameo on Beadle's March Madness spread of snacks anytime soon, because her critique of the bug isn't exactly enticing: "This is so squishy."

The fact it's followed by dry heaves leads us to believe cockroaches in the mouth feel and taste about as delightful as you would imagine. 

Beadle is enjoying her return to ESPN and the show she popularized: SportsNation. Recently, Beadle spoke with the New York Post on her brief stint with NBC: 

I think being somewhat of a workaholic — and it’s not healthy by any stretch — but I think you place your self-worth on your career, and as far as I was concerned, my career was crap. I started to doubt myself, whether I even wanted to do TV, I thought about quitting. I found myself in a position where I was working for people I didn’t want to work for and I didn’t know how to get out of it. So, it was just bad, a bad overall feeling.

Now before you offer that NBC never forced her to eat bugs for entertainment, we must be fair and state this cockroach-eating display wasn't for ESPN.

The Big Lead's Ty Duffy spotted this Twitter exchange, which gave us the details we needed to track down the entire video: 

Fortunately, the entire clip can be found at Discovery's website page for Naked After Dark, which is even more painful to watch.

If SportsNation ever decides to have a segment entitled "Things that feel worse than being a Cubs fan," it can always bring out a bunch of cockroaches to nibble on. 

Beadle now has some experience in the matter. 

The sports personality is back to a network she likes and a show she showed amazing ability to make engaging for fans. 

Her knowledge and humor works in tandem with her vibrant personality, which ranges from accepting a prom invitation from a paralyzed high school hockey player to eating a cockroach. 

As we all know, our best work comes when we are happy. To that end, we are about to see a very entertaining Beadle in the near future. 

Beadle seems to have more visibility as she transitions away from NBC, which is a very good thing for sports fans—if you are into things that are awesome. 


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