Young Boy Watching Dodgers in Australia Demands Foul Ball, Gets Foul Ball

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Just as the squeaky wheel gets the grease, the disgruntled little boy shouting "Me!" at the top of his lungs gets the foul ball. 

Granted, the latter isn't as catchy, but it is what happened as the Los Angeles Dodgers took on Team Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Thursday. 

The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel spotted this video that proves once and for all that life's tiny disappointments can be corrected with shouting and nearby ladies in Dodgers hats coming to your aid. Go ahead and use that wisdom appropriately. 

As you see, a Dodgers player smacks a lazy foul ball off to the left side of the field, which is corralled by an Australian player. He then spots a kid in the stands and flips the ball in his direction. 

Sometimes, the simplest gestures can go awry, and the baseball hits the wall and falls to the ground. The security guard now has the moment for which he has trained his entire life. Sadly, he fails, giving the baseball to another young fan who wasn't initially targeted. 

Ah, that's just how these things go. Right?

Wrong, because the adorable kid in yellow turns into a tiny Hulk and lets his frustration get the better of him. A nearby Dodgers fan alerts the other kid that this poor fellow was supposed to get the ball. 

That's when we pause this breakdown to applaud the other kid who decides there are more important things in life than free foul balls: The simple tranquility of a baseball game devoid of screaming kids comes to mind. 

He gives the ball to the kid and the game, as well as all of our lives, can continue as previously scheduled. 

I rather enjoyed the announcers' takes as one chimes in with, "And that's the right decision," giving way to his colleague announcing, "Look at all the autographs on the jersey. That's what baseball is all about."

Well, it really depends on your loyalties. Chicago Cubs fans would rather the child not get the ball, because such disappointments make up the entirety of the baseball experience. 

But this young fan got exactly what he wanted, proving that a day at the ballpark can indeed be everything that you want it to be. 

You just need to be a cute kid with a strong voice who may or may not have a striking resemblance to a young Anakin Skywalker

Now, if this is how the rest of the weekend goes, they are going to have an extremely successful trip Down Under. 


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