Phil Kessel Betrayed by Rogue Water Bottle, Madness Reigns in Toronto

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2014

GIF screenshot via Reddit

Et tu, Gatorade?

Just when Phil Kessel thought he had reached an accord with the process of consuming fluids, a rogue water bottle slipped into the Air Canada Centre and ruined their carefully crafted alliance. 

Treachery struck the Toronto Maple Leafs forward in the middle of Wednesday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Kessel grabbed a seemingly innocuous bottle, and suddenly all sorts of watery hell broke loose.

A GIF of the incident was crafted by redditor Martinkle (h/t Mike Foss of For The Win). Like Caesar on the Ides of March, Kessel failed to notice the treason before it was too late.


It's okay, Phil. Those closest to our mouths tend to betray us.

GIF via

All kinds of cloak-and-dagger games were afoot in Toronto Wednesday night. In addition to liquid skullduggery, one “Maple Leafs fan” managed to neutralize a timeout by storming the ice.

Video of the moment was taken by @iamtoddytickles (h/t Nick Schwartz of For The Win). The fan took advantage of a timeout to truffle shuffle across the rink and take a butt-first slide into the puck. 

The gesture was largely harmless, but the Leafs chose to stare at the fan instead of paying attention to their coaches.

The Leafs went on to lose to the Lightning 5-3, which should come as no surprise given the events.

It’s hard to win with insurgent water bottles on your bench and goofballs wiping out your timeouts. 


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