Paulo Machado and the 10 Greatest Moustaches in World Football History

Ryan BaileyFeatured ColumnistMarch 20, 2014

Paulo Machado and the 10 Greatest Moustaches in World Football History

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    EuroFootball/Getty Images

    Aside from the apparent resurrection of Manchester United, one of the highlights of the Champions League clash at Old Trafford on Wednesday evening was Paulo Machado's moustache. 

    The Olympiakos midfielder's soup-strainer was resplendent and utterly incongruous with his youthful haircut. 

    In honour of Machado's bushy upper lip, here are some of the greatest moustaches ever to grace the game... 

Francis Benali

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    Russell Cheyne/Getty Images

    During his 16-year spell at Southampton, Francis Benali was renowned for his rough style of play as much as his ever-present moustache. 

    The diminutive full-back would have cleaned up at a Freddy Mercury look-alike contest. 

Ian Rush

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    Graham Chadwick/Getty Images

    If you didn't have a moustache at Liverpool in the 1980s, you didn't really fit in.

    Graeme Souness, Terry McDermott and Bruce Grobbelaar were among those with quality 'staches at Anfield, but we're giving an honourable mention to striker Ian Rush, who avoided shaving his upper lip throughout the '90s too. 

    These days, Rush doesn't have a moustache, and it just doesn't look right. 

David Seaman

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    Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

    Here's David Seaman celebrating after a victory over Sampdoria in 1995 and wearing the moustache that accompanied him in the Arsenal and England goalmouths throughout the '90s.

    When the legendary shot-stopper teamed the 'stache with a ponytail later around the millennium, his unmistakable look was complete. 

Raymond Domenech

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    Football fans outside France know Raymond Domenech as the man who led France to embarrassing capitulation at UEFA Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup. But those who watched French football in the '80s will know him for this incredible look. 

    Domenech looks like the result of combining Ryan Giggs' hair, Noel Gallagher's eyebrows and Tom Selleck's moustache. 

Sam Allardyce

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    Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

    Not only did Sam Allardyce wear a moustache for part of his managerial tenure at Bolton (he's pictured above at the 2001 Play-off Final against Gillingham), but he also rocked a bushy mo' during his playing days.

    Here he is during his pomp at Bolton. 

Rudi Voller

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    Getty Images/Getty Images

    Rudi Voller was a star of the 1990 Germany World Cup side, and he famously locked horns with Frank Rijkaard in the most high-profile moustache-and-perm battle of all time. 

    With his blonde locks and furry upper lip, Voller couldn't have looked any more stereotypically German if he tried. 

Thierry Henry

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    Thierry Henry may have been a teenager when he was given his big break at Monaco, but he showed everyone how much testosterone there was coursing through his veins by growing a moustache with matching chin fluff. 

Rene Higuita

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    Mark Thompson/Getty Images

    He took insane risks on the field, he scored 41 career goals and he went to prison for assisting Pablo Escobar with a kidnapping. Suffice to say, Colombian goalkeeper Rene Higuita was quite a character.

    Throughout the madness, El Loco stayed faithful to his signature mo'. 

Chris Kamara

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    Getty Images/Getty Images

    Many players in this list abandoned their moustaches after retiring, as dictated by fashion. Not Chris Kamara. 

    The former Leeds midfielder and current lovable Sky Sports correspondent has stayed true to his pencil-thin moustache throughout the decades. 

    We'd like to think he listens to "Purple Rain" while he trims it. 

Paul Breitner

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    Anonymous/Associated Press

    For much of his career, Paul Breitner wore a thick beard to complement his voluptuous hair. 

    In the early stages of his career, however, the Bayern Munich and Real Madrid star experimented with various types of moustaches, including the handlebar variety that you see in this picture from the 1974 World Cup final. 


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