Golden Tate Takes Pic with Sofia Vergara, 'Will Officially Die a Happy Man' Now

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 20, 2014

Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate (81) celebrates during the first half of the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
Jeff Roberson/Associated Press

That’s it. Put Golden Tate in the ground. He has seen the mountaintop. 

Life is all downhill from here for the newly minted Detroit Lions wide receiver, whose existence peaked this week after a run-in with Sofia Vergara.

Tate posted a picture of his chance encounter with the 41-year-old Colombian actress to Instagram on Wednesday, where it was spotted by Dave Dye of Fox Sports Detroit

The wideout wrote the words “I will officially die a happy man” in the photo’s description. 

Keep in mind, this is a football player who won a Super Bowl earlier this year, so Tate’s bucket list is running lean on high priority items these days.

All he probably has left after “Meet Sophia Vergara” is “Build school in Morocco” and “Finish painting Dark Elf army.”

Many a man would consider meeting Vergara a life-affirming event, and we could all only hope to have such spectacular throwback shades when the meeting occurred. 

I would start digging the ditch, Tate, but some people in Detroit might have a problem with you shoving off the planet before the season starts. 

Matthew Stafford can't throw to Calvin Johnson every play. Usually.


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