Sport's Biggest Icons

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Sport's Biggest Icons

Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Hockey are really North America's most well known and most recognizable sports to play and watch. Everyone who watches sports has a favorite athlete. It could be anyone of any sport, but today I will be looking at five men who are known to everyone for what they do.

Based on today's active athletes, I will look at five athletes that everybody knows about. It could be a little kid that does not like sports or an avid soccer fan that knows nothing about any other sport.

We all know at least one person that plays a different sport and we all recognize one man for all of the things he does to make us know more about him. Please enjoy my article on five icons in sports today.

Note- These are just five, not THE Top five. Opinions are entirely subjective, so if you are not happy with my choice, it does not mean that I have something against that player.

There will also be a Part II coming out sometime next week, giving tribute to icons of different sports.

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