Report: WWE Releasing New Line of Fitness DVDs

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 20, 2014


Per a recent report, it looks like WWE is getting into a new line of business—workout videos.

As Dave Meltzer notes in this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the phenomenal success of DDP Yoga has led the company to branch out with their own workout program:

WWE is putting together at least one, if not two workout videos. This could be combined, but I’m guessing they are separate. One is a men’s workout video with HHH, along with lines of the UFC Fit program put together by Mike Dolce and the Jeff Hardy program put together by TNA that barely caused a peep. The idea is that DDP has been successful with his DDP Yoga, and they are going to do something along those lines along with the regular workout stuff. They’ve also been shooting one for women with Stephanie McMahon.

On paper, this sounds like a decent idea with hardly any risks.

There's a good market for celebrity workout videos and programs right now, so WWE may as well attempt to capitalize on it. And thanks to highly watched shows like Raw and SmackDown, the company has the perfect platform with which to advertise these DVDs to audiences.

Stephanie works out.
Stephanie works out.Credit:

It's not like a workout video is going to cost a fortune to put together, so if the DVD releases flop, who cares?

And if it's a success, this could be a very profitable sideline for WWE going forward.

The involvement of real-life fitness enthusiasts Triple H and Stephanie McMahon also seems like a smart idea. As a high-profile, photogenic young couple, they're both marketable figures and great people to build the project around.

(Although let's hope they don't stay in character for the features. Triple H angrily demanding that the viewer stop being lazy and to get off their butts so they can be a success like him doesn't seem like the most motivating tactic.)

As a working mother-of-three who has openly discussed her struggles to say in shape in the past, Stephanie, in particular, can be a relatable celebrity role model to many women in their 30s and 40s.

Could Stephanie be the next Jane Fonda? Well, stranger things have happened.