Miguel Cabrera's 'MLB 14 the Show' Commercial Is a Very Good Kind of Weird

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PlayStation went and produced that Detroit Tigers fever dream we all ordered. 

Next Impulse Sports' Kiley Kmiec spotted the one commercial that should get you amped for virtual baseball as well as any 1980s instructional aerobic videos Miguel Cabrera may have planned for the future. 

The Detroit Tigers' limber slugger stars in a new ad for the latest in a popular PlayStation series. According to the ad, MLB 14 The Show will feature various aspects of late-night infomercials—at least that's what we gleaned from this odd video. 

And really, who needs details like graphics and features in a commercial? I've played MLB The Show for years, having that similar giddy feeling when I open the game for the first time as I do when the next iteration of FIFA gets played.

It's the same game with tweaks, graphical improvements and updated rosters. All I want from a commercial is a few moments of entertainment. 

From the company's standpoint, what it wants from a commercial is to captivate its audience and make its spot memorable. 

Well, let's all raise our beer cans and cheers to a job well done, because I still want to fire up a fresh session of 162 games and I will never, and I mean ever, forget the image of Miggy doing the splits—real or not. 

From the start we are all-in on this masterpiece, especially the moment Cabrera awkwardly talks over the girls proclaiming, "And we're getting better," with his own ecstatic, "I'm Miggy."

If you are looking for an explanation, good luck. The PlayStation YouTube description merely offers, "Yes, Miguel Cabrera is pretty good. But he's getting better this year, and he wants to help you get better too. Because Baseball is Better."

The star demands at the end of the commercial, "And now, you're better." And really, are you going to argue with Cabrera? 

The Internet adores two things: weird videos and cats. The only thing better may have been Cabrera petting a cat throughout the ad. 

Even without a feline sidekick, this commercial should do very well with the populace that is already stocking up on energy drinks and junk food for marathon sessions of smacking video game home runs. 

Yes, it certainly seems like we are better. 

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