Sheamus Has Proven in Return He Is Not a Main Event Talent

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 19, 2014


Per recent reports, from F4Wonline via WrestleZone, WWE has big plans for Sheamus this year. The Irishman’s name is apparently included on an internal list of stars the company intends to push heavily going forward.

But, let’s be honest, since Sheamus’ return at the Royal Rumble in January—he was out for close to six months after suffering a serious shoulder injury at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view—has he truly proven himself as a main eventer and someone worthy of a big push?


Christian beats down Sheamus.
Christian beats down Sheamus.Credit:

Not only that, but you could argue his (largely mediocre) contributions to Raw over the past few months effectively rule him out for future stardom.

Sheamus may be a good wrestler—some of his bouts against Christian over the last few months have been very solid—but other than that, he is badly floundering right now.

Decent matches aside, does anyone care about the interminable Christian vs. Sheamus program? Not really. It just feels like something the bookers threw together at the last minute simply to give both men something to do (probably because it is).


But it’s not all the fault of the creative team. Sheamus’ own flaws had hindered his career too.

Simply put, he’s far too one-dimensional as a talker and personality to really make it on top. Honestly, has he shown us anything new or compelling since his return?

Indeed, you could argue the man hasn’t progressed that much since he first won the WWE Championship in 2010. He can either be the aggressive cartoon bully, or the happy-go-lucky cartoon babyface.


What else have we seen of him?

This is hardly a new complaint, as a couple of fans have taken to Twitter to voice their criticism of the Sheamus character.

These are strong points.

So what is wrong with Sheamus’ character, apart from how stale and dull it is?

In 2014, fans expect babyfaces who can be relatable and down-to-earth—guys you could almost imagine hanging out with after the show. Look at Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. And this is something Sheamus, as a good guy, at least, simply isn’t cut out for.

It is hard to see Sheamus ever being as over as Daniel Bryan, isn't it?
It is hard to see Sheamus ever being as over as Daniel Bryan, isn't it?Credit:

He often seems like an ‘80s WWF wrestler stuck in the modern day.

OK, so you could argue that things may change for Sheamus if he turns heel. Granted, the star is superior as a heel but, as noted, his bad-guy act is also rather limited. There are far better and more versatile heels on the roster.

Truthfully, it’s hard to see Sheamus returning to the main event given his current set of skills—regardless of what people in WWE management are hoping.