It's a GD Arms Race

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

Things aren’t looking too hot for pitching  acquisitions for the Brewers this year. Most Brewer fans I’ve talked to were so sure the team was going to get Peavy and now it looks like no one is going to want him this year. Let’s take some time and look at some at some of the Brewers options for pitchers that could possibly be acquired. The first five are difference makers and the rest are, well, the rest:

1) Jake Peavy - Pros - The Brewers would have him for more than just half of a season, he’s a certified ace
Cons - He’s hurt, might not be himself the rest of the year, and oh yeah, has a no trade clause.

2) Roy Halladay - Pros - Absolute stud of a pitcher, has earned the Cy Young Award in the AL (much like another acquisition)
Cons - Also hurting, a lot to give up for another rent a player

3) Eric Bedard - Pros - Lefty with ace-like stuff, never played in the NL (many pitchers do better in the NL), Brewers do like their Canucks
Cons - Also hurting with a shoulder inflammation

4) Cliff Lee - Pros - Stop me if you heard this before…Lefty from Cleveland, former Cy Young award winner, great ERA, is 12-2 against the NL
Cons - He isn’t CC and there would be a lot of pressure on him to be one, sure he won the Cy Young but he also was sent down to the minors the year before

5) Brandon Webb - Pros - Great sinkerballer, former Cy Young winner
Cons - Has been hurt all year, might not be himself the rest of the year

6) Ben Sheets - Pros - Former Brewer ace, great guy to keep in Milwaukee, won’t cost a prospect
Cons - Don’t know what you’re getting, will probably be injured again, doesn’t seem to want to be in Milwaukee

7) Pedro Martinez - Pros - Veteran Pitcher with Post Season experience, Won’t cost a prospect
Cons - Old, Hurt, Expensive, Would do more positive as a coach than a pitcher probably

8) Johnathan Sanchez - Pros - Young Lefty possibly on the cheap
Cons - Do we really need another Manny Parra?

9) Brad Penny - Pros - None
Cons - Everything

10) Tom Glavine - Pros - Veteran Pitcher with Post Season Experience, Won’t cost a prospect
Cons - Don’t know if he can last till the Post Season

11) Justin Duchscherer - Pros - Had an amazing season last year, probably cheaper than most others
Cons - Hurt this year, hasn’t proven to be a consistent and healthy starter

12) Dontrelle Willis - Pros - Could be a cheap difference maker
Cons - Probably a cheap headache, hasn’t been dominant for a couple years now

13) Jarrod Washburn - Pros - Former UWO boy comes to his home state, veteran lefty, cheaper than Bedard
Cons - He’s doing well now but hasn’t done well in previous years, can veto a trade

14) Nate Robertson - Pros - Cheap Lefty Arm, could be serviceable
Cons - Not worth much anyway

15) Doug Davis - Pros - Former Brewer, lefty, having a good year, probably fairly cheap
Cons - Not a difference maker

16) Ian Snell - Pros - Young pitcher that can strike out a lot of batters
Cons - He reminds me of Oliver Perez which means he can’t be trusted, Pirates won’t trade him to a team in the central