WWE WTF: AMC Wants WWE, Steph McMahon's Number and More

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMarch 19, 2014

WTF is AMC Networks doing as a rumored suitor to buy WWE? Why is Chael Sonnen giving out Stephanie McMahon’s number? And have you bought your "Yes Movement" gear yet?

Daniel Bryan’s Yes Movement continues to sweep the nation, but the ironic hocking of an entire brand of Yes Movement merchandise kind of defeats the purpose of an anti-establishment uprising, does it not?

Chael Sonnen continues to excel in the art of making himself the story. During an interview with Michael Landsberg of Off the Record, Sonnen displayed (from Damon Martin of FoxSports.com) Stephanie McMahon’s cell phone number on camera. The stunt made headlines and forces one to ask “just what is Stephanie’s number?” We, and apparently Michael Landsberg, have that answer.

AMC Networks was rumored to purchase WWE, according to the financial blog Betaville. The would-be blockbuster merger would certainly make it awkward for CM Punk to appear on future episodes of the Talking Dead.

All this and much more as the Yes Movement literally takes over WWE WTF!