InReview - Week 10

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

Weekly Record: 1-5

Current Record: 34-29


  • Ummm, Casey McGehee and Corey Hart had a real good week
  • Kendall and Braun also had a solid week (but that’s about it)
  • Suppan looked solid


  • Getting SWEPT AT HOME by the 4th Place team in the NL WEST?!?!?!? I know they’re hot, but come on…
  • Then losing the series against the White Sox, even though they were missing Quentin and Thome had to sit most of the time
  • Mark Buehre hitting his first ever home run? Of course it’s against the Brewers

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 4.33                                       YTD: 4.15
Weekly BA: .226                                         YTD: .247
Weekly Opponents BA: .265                  YTD: .245
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .372     YTD: .410
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .991       YTD: .985

Quick Hitters:

That makes it two times this month that a pitcher hit his first career home run off of the Brewers (Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle)

Before this past week, Jorge de la Rosa was 0-2 with a 13.12 ERA against the Brewers

The Brewers were 33-30 this time last year. Braun and Fielder’s numbers are eerily similar while Hart and Hardy’s numbers are significantly worse.