The Ascension Are the Perfect Fit to Join Kane

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistMarch 19, 2014


You only get one chance to make a first impression on WWE's main roster.

For NXT tag team champions The Ascension, there is no better opportunity than a WrestleMania debut next to Kane, one of the greatest supernatural characters ever, and squaring off against the powerhouse trio of The Shield.

WWE is committed to the rivalry between Kane and The Shield that's developed over the past few weeks. It seems WWE wants to ride the train of The Shield's popularity a little bit longer. They want to get one big billing of them as the babyfaces with edge against Kane's clear-cut heel.

They became babyfaces by default thanks to their feud with the bigger heels in The Wyatt Family and Roman Reigns' growing popularity and powerful positioning in the company.

Making The Shield babyfaces is fine as long as the angle isn't drawn out and they're not watered down. They should feud with Kane from now until WrestleMania, then disband.

Of course, Kane's going to need partners to compete against The Shield. There is no better fit than The Ascension.

Having Kane introduce The Ascension's overall image and characters to the main roster is extremely appropriate given Kane's character background. Plus, Kane is the Director of Operations and would logically be a guy who could bring talent up from NXT to WWE per request.

Besides, who else is going to team with Kane? The only other teams are Harper and Rowan from The Wyatt Family or the New Age Outlaws.

The Outlaws make no sense.

Harper and Rowan have history with The Shield, but it seems very out of place for them to be seen with anyone other than the guy who controls them, Bray Wyatt—especially considering Bray Wyatt has the biggest match of his career at WrestleMania against John Cena.

I think WrestleMania will be the final straw for the problems among the three members of The Shield. They teased these issues for months. They've appeared to be back on the same page unified together. It makes total story sense for the issues to go away for weeks. Just when we think the group is going to stay together and we've almost forgotten about their issues, that's when the implosion can happen on the biggest stage.

It results in a win for a brand new tag team.

The Shield can then move on and deal with their conflicts. Meanwhile, WWE's roster will now have a new heel tag team, which it needs.

WWE has two full weeks of programming remaining before WrestleMania. This, along with a Divas match, is likely to be the final match announced for the WrestleMania 30 card. It's the kind of match which has all the backstory with the problems developed between Kane and The Shield. It just needs two final participants to join it.

The Ascension should be showcased just enough so people know who they are and what they look like. No in-ring action on Raw or SmackDown. Let that be part of the draw this match and accompanying segments bring to WrestleMania.

Just as WWE showed in its handling of The Shield, less is more. Have The Ascension pick their spots of attack. Keep it concise and powerful.

When they debuted, there was natural curiosity as to how seriously booked and pushed The Shield would be and how for how long. Once they kept winning in any situation they were put in, even beating down The Undertaker, their credibility was established.

The Shield can pay it forward, and the same booking treatment can be done for The Ascension at WrestleMania 30.


Justin LaBar is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also the creator of the "Chair Shot Reality" video talk show and "Wrestling Reality" radio show.